Lose Weight Spell #1 Needed: Concentration & Visualization White candle Picture of the intended person Faith in your Spell Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes prior to casting. Light the candle and concentrate on the flame. Imagine the intended person as light as the flame, weightless even. Do this for 5 minutes. Now the picture is to be used if you cannot accurately visualize the person, but if you are able to you have no need for it. Visualize the subject and keep them as the focal point as your thoughts imagine them on a scale and the scales number is slowly dropping. How long you do this, is up to you. Say this chant according to the amount of weight you wish to be lost. For instance, 30 pounds you say it 3 times so on so forth. Chant: I ask of thee to help a friend (or yourself) to lose unwanted weight. What they may lose in body weight may they gain in happiness. I ask of thee to assist. End last chant end with: So Be It! Weight Loss Spell #2 You will need: 1 Clear Quartz Crystal 1 Green Candle 1 Green Draw-String Bag *This is best done outside, or by an open window, on a clear night, 3 days after the Full Moon* Cast the circle. Sit and meditate, concentrating on all the positive that will come from losing weight such as health, strength, new wardrobe, and looks. When you are ready, light the green candle and hold the crystal in your dominant hand and Chant: Goddess within, Goddess without. Guide me to my goal. Ease my hunger, Sooth my spirit, Strengthen my resolve As I will it, So Mote it Be! Raise the crystal over your head and concentrate on all the negative aspects of dieting such as cravings, temptations, cheating, hard work. Draw all negative thoughts into the crystal. Continue until the candle burns out or extinguish the candle when you so choose. Leave the crystal in the windowsill in the moonlight overnight. In the morning, place the crystal in the green pouch and carry it on you. NOTE: This will help fight cravings and cut down on junk food. You still need to exercise and eat right for your diet to work. Lose Weight Spell #3 Chant: O Goddess Venus, make me thin. Shine your beauty into me. When I sleep, I will become a thin beautiful love angel. Help me commit to becoming thin. So mote it be. Each time you eat leave a bit on your plate to thank Venus for her help Lose Weight Spell #4 You will need: Small yellow candle A paper or a small plate on which will the candle burn Conditions for the spell Waxing Moon It is best to do this spell outdoors where you can see the Moon, but the open window will do too. Take the candle and point it to the sky, imagining it as a link between the Moon and you. Tell it that its' purpose is to help you lose weight. Inscribe it with your wish, preferably in your own language. You can write in runes or another alphabet you like, or add symbols that remind you of thin woman or man etc. meditate a bit on your wish to be thin and imagine how you make efforts to lose weight (exercise, diet) and imagine yourself looking great. Then say: Tonight I come to you young Moon Help my efforts not to be in vain Help me now to lose my burden May I lose so you may gain. The remains of the spell throw away. They represent what 'melted' off you. Fast Weight Loss Spell #5 You will need the following items for this spell: White Candle Piece of paper Plate Go to a quiet place and write on the piece of paper how much you want to lose. Then burn the paper while Chanting: Burn, burn, burn away, Burn these stubborn pounds away! Put the burning piece of paper on the plate and make sure the paper is completely burned. Directions: Do this spell for one week or more depending how much weight you want to lose. It will not get rid of the pounds right away but it will help you lose it faster. The spell is a lot better if you are on a diet but still good if you are not.

Weight Loss Spells

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