Spell for Bodily Warmth Perform this spell when you are cold. Chant "I am warm, warm as fire, all this warmth is my desire." In a few seconds you should feel warm. Submitted by Tanya M. Spell to Warm you Chant the words below until it begins to take effect - I am warm, I am fire. All this warmth is my desire. Submitted by Anonymous Magic Warmth Spell This magic spell is called a warmth spell. It is used mostly by those people who are naturally cold natured. This magic spell will heat your body up to a warm comfortable temperature if you are use to feeling colder than everyone else. It will allow you to be in the same room with people who may not be as cool as you and still let you be warm and comfortable. This magic spell can also be cast if you are trapped out in the cold waiting on someone to come, just cast this free magic warmth spell so that you will be safe and warm. While thinking of some source of heat  such as a fireplace, a bonfire, or the sun. Chant - "I am warm, I am fire, all this warmth, is my desire" If you are not of the fire element, chant: "I am warm warm as fire, all this warmth, is my desire" Submitted by Taurus Max

Warmth Spells

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