There are two parts two a person. When you are born, you are separated from your other part. This part is the other half of you. It is a piece broken from your heart and mind. It is sent to earth to walk amongst the woods. It watches you constantly making sure you are safe. This creature is your guardian. Familiars communicate with your spirit guardian and summon magic from them. You might not notice your guardian but it is always there protecting you with spells. It watches you and beckons spells to keep you safe. Your guardian is mist and is invisible it can only be recognized by heart. To find your guardian in physical form is very rare. Some cases the person has a strong connection with an animal or particular type of animal so they can distinguish there guardian. Usually the person can never tell and may never see their guardian. This spell makes it so your guardian has a physical form so you are other split half will join with the animal. Your magic will get much stronger so you will form much harder spells from your mind. Warning: If your guardian is killed in physical form, the half that was gained will fade. By then users will have most likely devolved a strong relationship with their guardian so they will feel sorrow for their lost companion. Not only does a person lose half of their possible power but also their protection from magical harmful beings. You may want to consider this before putting your guardian in danger. What you will need: two pieces of the same rope or string, night, a bed, an imagination, a level 2 magic skills, a candle. 1. Look at the stars and find the brightest star. Then chant the following words: "oh mighty protector who walks among all, here me now. I tell thee Great Spirit to take a form of thy truest form. I conjure thee to walk among the earth with thy and no longer slip between the worlds! Oh great spirit I command thee!" 2. Light the candle then chant the next words " The split is cut the worldly separation is broken by the time of the pink sun I shall see my other. I shall bond the two of one and let the magic flow with in of strength and power." 3. Take the two pieces of rope and tie them over the flame. Then blow out the candle and let the smoke run over the knot. The smoke will have transformed into the guardian so it shall have heard what you have asked. In the next week, you will see an animal, one that makes you happy and seems to be around you. (The guardian will not be a pet that you already have) it doesn’t have to be the same particular animal as long as it’s the same species because the guardian still has the power it was born with so it can shift among its species. Most common guardians: mouse, deer, squirrel, moose, rabbit, it is very rare to have a bird as a guardian because of their commonness. A guardian usually chooses to make its presence known and be unique to reveal itself to its summoner. This Spell is by Lily

Reveal your Guardian Spirit Spell

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