Many of you have been wanting to speak with me and ask for Guidance. Well now you can via Skype. If you don't have a web cam, we can still use Skype with just audio. This is only for my paying customers. This is a one on one private Conversation that we will have. Many of you ask why should you pay for me to personally teach you...? This is because this is how I make a living. It is no different than paying for guitar lessons... they are not free. If you want “Free Help”... you have my whole website to study for free. My Web Site was originally designed to help people and put things in simple easy to understand terms. I have dedicated my time and put forth a great deal of information for you. I have opened the door, but you must walk through it.
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Speak with Puzuzu - via Web Cam

Download Skype now which is free... I am making it a very reasonable price which shall be paid for through PayPal. $20.00 = 1 hour Please understand that I will not do Magic for you. I am here to Teach you to do things for yourself. I will guide you on how to do things correctly. I can guide you to a better life through the Ascension process. I can help you with any of the following subjects and many others. Please understand that I do not do Psychic Readings... I simply teach and Counsel people. Spiritual Guidance Ascension Making a Talisman Dream Recall Astral Projection Conjuring Celestial Gods & Angels The Black Mirror Building the Body of Light If you simply need me to lend an ear... I will listen. My time Zone is Eastern Standard Time in the US. So you will have to do the Math to calculate it with your Time Zone. So if you are interested you can email me a quick line what you wish to discuss before making payment. DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING QUESTIONS...! THAT IS WHAT WEB SESSION ARE FOR. THIS IS HOW I MAKE A LIVING. When payment has been made through PayPal... then I will book your time slot.
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