Prosperity Potion and Spell...

Prosperity Potion

You will need:
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp ground bay leaf; ½ tsp. basil
tsp. marjoram; a wooden spoon
1½ cup spring

Water; a small cloth; a jar with lid
A rubber band

What to do:
Mix the ingredients together and boil in the spring water for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain the
potion and pour it into the jar. Cover the jar with the cloth and fasten it with the rubber band. Leave the potion in a dark, cool place for three days and three nights, then cap the jar with it's original lid. The potion only last until for fourteen nights, then you will have to pour it on the Earth, thanking it for's powers and energies.

Submitted by Sir Summer ShiningStar

Prosperity Spell

You will need:
½ cup of Prosperity Potion
a sheet of paper with your name written on it in green ink
a small dish (capable
of hold liquids)
a green candle

What to do: Light the green candle, and place the paper in the dish. Little by little, pour the potion on the paper while saying thrice:

                                          Paper money come alive and grow,

                                    Pour down on me both high and low.


Snuff out the candle, and leave the dish undisturbed, in place, for three consecutive nights. During those three nights, re-light the candle and recite the chant.

Submitted by Sir Summer ShiningStar

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