Use these spells in a protection ritual for a house and its inhabitants, including the pets. In both spells, Hecate is called upon for her fierce protective attributes. Make changes to fit the circumstances and characteristics of your pets. To Protect a Dog The dog I wanted to protect is a beautiful, loving pet. He is also a pitbull and very protective of his family. My fear has always been that he would protect them from intruders or other harm and later be harmed himself because of the fear many people have of the breed. Call your dog into the circle and draw a pentagram in Protection Oil on his forehead. Then recite: Hecate, Dark Mother In protecting this home In your place as is right Stands one of your own In defending this house And all creatures within Your sacred beast Is your true loyal friend. Keep him from harm As he guards all he loves And watch over him So below, as above. To Protect a Cat The cat in this case was a house cat that had just moved into a new house. He kept running away every time a door or window was opened. Call your cat into the circle and draw a pentagram in Protection Oil on his forehead. Then recite: Moon Goddess, I ask That you keep [name] at home And safe from his mischief And desire to roam. Give him the contentment Known to his race And see that he's happy In this his new place.  Pet Protect Spell Take one off white candle and light it with a consecrated match. Say: Lord and Lady, spirits of protection, please keep my pet (pet's name) safe from harm. Cast me a spell, keep me a secret, and grant my wish of protection. Close the quarters. Remember to thank the Lord and Lady and Spirit for protecting your pet. Repeat this ritual twice a day if you are severely worried or think your pet is in grave danger, or if you pet seems sick in any way. This spell will not hurt your pet.

Pet Protection Spells

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