Incantation: With this water I seal my disguise, To become the object of affection in their eyes, It is their lust I set free, Let this spell be my guarantee Method: This incantation must be cast thrice, The circle on your forehead must be drawn, Using Witches' Water at the start of the first line, The Circle cast from left to right, This spell will only work on a night with no moon, Warning this is black magic. You are evoking your own will, To influence others. This influence goes against their own will, This is harm, and any harm shall come back to you. Mind the threefold law. I am including directions for the crafting of Witches Water, If you do not know what it is or how to make it. Witches' Water: Witch’s' Water is water that is blessed by a witch. It can repel evil, bless items, Speed your body's healing process, if a person is anointed with Witch’s Water, Whatever craft that is involved by the power of the water is sealed, To break this is very difficult to do. To Make Witches Water: To make Witches' Water one must place in a silver vile or bowl, fresh water from beneath the earth, with salt taken from the sea and a single white Lily, at a time when the sun is highest in the sky, While evoking the incantation below: Avguai Mosle Faux, Nos Vendu Max Feaus Lux How to Annunciation: Avguai ( awe ve goo why) Mosle ( mow sell) Faux (vow ox) Nos (na sss) Vendu (Vee en dew) Max ( mach) Feaus (Fee ah ss) Lux ( lou ks) As given by Kathryn the Grey

Object of Affection Spell

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