Holy Oil Lamp Spell for Safety, Health, Spiritual Growth and Economic Stability You will need: 1. lantern 2. a cork 3. fireproof ceramic vase or small pyrex cup of 250ml capacity. 4. aluminum foil 5. thick COTTON string. 6. Knife 7. Needle 8. Images of beloved immortals 9. A stable piece of furniture to set up the altar 10. a White table cloth to cover furniture prior to setting images. 11. Incense Burner 12. A Bell Set up an altar with images of your presiding deities or saints-angels of your particular faith. Find a metal lantern with glass sides and a door that fastens well. This will be the" house" for your oil lamp which will protect your home from a potential fire hazard. Slice a cork a perfectly into 3 parts so that the parts have the same width all around. Delicately punch a hole in the center of each part with a needle thick enough for cotton string coated in a thin layer of wax to pass through. Wrap each slice in a small piece of aluminum foil sealing edges with a fold. Punch a hole to line up with the center hole of the cork. The end result should be easy to "thread" with the cotton string. Find a fire safe glass or ceramic vase that can contain at least 200-250ml of vegetable oil. "Thread" one piece of cork with thick string( coated in a thin layer of wax) protruding 1/2 centimeter on top side to be wick and a little bit longer on the bottom side. The foil covered cork with the wick should be light enough in weight to float on the oil. Several trials may be necessary to get the proportions of foil and string right for the size of your cork. Be careful that the cork is well covered with foil so that it does not catch fire when you light the wick. Fill your glass or vase with vegetable oil put the cork with wick in it so it floats and light the wick. Put this oil lamp in the safety lantern on your altar. It should stay lit for 24hrs. You keep it lit everyday for as long as you can afford to buy oil as a gift of everlasting light to those immortals who protect you.The time you set aside to prepare the lamp is a good time to recite prayers. Start your ritual by ringing a bell, light the lamp,say your prayer,make your offerings (if you can afford to) and light some incense. Keep the other 2 Pieces of cork for the time when the first piece breaks or does not float for some reason. Be ready for the future by preparing plenty of string by dipping in wax (of course letting it dry). This daily offering protects non -magicians and those who practice white magic to survive and help others. You can also place food offerings(vegetarian), incense, water,flowers, etc. As it (lantern with oil lamp) has a tendency to attract the spirits of the dead,as well as the immortals; those who practice black magic or live criminal lifestyles risk severe cases of poltergeist perhaps even possession. Only ex-criminals who have paid for their misdeeds and sincerely repented will be protected by benign deities. bodhisattvas, saints or angels. Before undertaking the practice of lighting the holy lamp the ex-criminal should go through a spiritual purification process under the direction of a well reputed priest-monk-white magician of the faith that truly touches his/her soul. The lantern will eventually gather soot so it is a good idea to clean it regularly wearing gloves. If you have pets and small children keep the altar and the lantern out of reach or in a locked room.

Holy Lamp Spell

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