Goddess of Water Crystals

These Crystals are becoming very rare due to the fact that they are found only within water

submerged pockets in mines in Bahia, a coastal town on the North East side of Brazil on the

Atlantic coast. These crystals are know as the Goddess of Water crystals resonating strongly

with the element of water. This Quartz is very interactive and receptive to awakening the

energy within. Ipupiara means ‘fresh water dolphin’, and it is believed that working with one of

these crystal specimens enables us to awaken our subtle energies, whilst also connecting us

to the most ancient Amazonian healing and shamanic vibrations. They are also thought to be

excellent protective crystals and can assist in the removal of negative entities. They are also

very good for Healing of the Heart.

These most beautiful Quartz crystals have a very subtle yet definite energy, and have a slightly

smokey, pink/peach color to them, and nearly all are quite heavily included. Gazing into them

reveals otherworldly landscapes and striking images. They have many stories to tell and would

make a superb addition to any crystal healing collection. These are truly powerful crystals to

keep in one's home.

This Ipupiara Goddess of Water Crystal is 4 1/2"" tall and 2" at its widest point. I originally bought this crystal to sell online. However, crystals choose their owners and this crystal did not want me to sell it. It was as if it actually spoke to me and said It wanted to makes it home here with me and so it is! This is one of my favorite crystals that I own.
goddess of water crystals goddess of water crystals goddess of water crystals goddess of water crystals
This next Ipupiara Goddess of Water Crystal is 4" tall, slightly smaller than the 1st one. This one did not spake to me so it was sold to a loving owner.
goddess of water crystals
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