You Will Need: • Salt (any sort) • 5 Candles, any color, same size, same colour. Preferably, short. • Incense, calming, likable. • White tissue paper • Talisman- Could be a necklace, bracelet, watch, pocket watch-        Anything you can carry around with yourself. • Focus • Mirror • Goblet • Water (clean, not necessarily pure, purer the water, purer the protection.) The purity of protection is not the strength but the cleanliness of its protection. You are however going to drink this water so unless you really want to give anyone attacking you a few hexes alongside a stunning charm, we recommend clean water. Method: 1. Wait until night of full moon or week of full moon (check lunar charts, closer to full moon, the stronger.) 2. Find a safe place to light a fire on ground, must be outside. 3. On ground, draw basic pentacle with five-point star, points touching circle. 4. At each point on star place candle - DO NOT light candles yet. 5. Place talisman in center of pentagon upside down. 6. Take tissue paper and screw up into long strips, place strips from inner edge of each candle and have them point towards the talisman. Place enough tissue paper that tips of tissue paper touch talisman and candle at either end. 7. Place mirror on ground just beneath split in star at bottom. 8. On top of mirror place goblet and fill to near brim with water. 9. Light candles, not tissue paper. 10. Focus mind on talisman, will magick to enter talisman. 11. Dribble a little wax from each candle upon the talisman- This can be scraped off later however charm is more powerful if kept on. The strongest protection happens when entire talisman is dowsed in wax, you must never, however move the talisman at this point. 12. Pour 2 drops of incense upon each candle (Be careful not to put flames out though, it need only touch the wax, not the flame. CONTINUE FOCUSING YOUR WILL INTO TALISMAN. 13. Now light tissue paper from candle-touching end, let it burn up to talisman (if talisman is made of fire, it is sometimes necessary to place wax on end of paper, do this just after step 11, dribble wax on paper with corresponding candle.) 14. Lift talisman up above head towards sky and whisper up to talisman: Hi spiritus, quaeso, Et custodierit me, Vi aeterna gentis Nunc anima mea magia ligare. 15. After this place talisman down in water, then lift goblet up and drink water. ALL THIS TIME WATCH YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND FOCUS POWER OF PROTECTIVE MAGICK INTO TALISMAN THROUGH WATER. 16. Lift talisman out of goblet and place both items back in their prospective places. 17. Finally, take an athame and draw one drop of blood from palm of hand. Slam hand down upon talisman (now face up.) 18. After this casting, we suggest you meditate, enormous power has been used. Calm your soul down; you have just connected it to this talisman for an ultimate protection. This Spell is from James H.

Spell to Enchant and Item with Protection

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