Astral Portal Training Device 

Stare at the orange hole in the middle and after a few  seconds Imagine that you will feel the outer bands of color  pulling you into the Portal. These magnetic bands are charged  with a force to assist you in your journey through the portal into  another dimension. Once you are free of your physical  limitations, you may fly in any direction or destination in the  world or space or you can instantly will yourself to your  destination in the blink of an eye. Be careful of what you are  thinking when out of body, the Astral currents can carry you off  in an instant to another location that you have no ideal where  you are. Remember... if you get scared or lost, just think of your  physical body and you will be home in your body, safe and  sound! When you are done record your experience for future  reference. Make sure you maximize your window here so that  you can see more of this portal. Once you have practiced this  many times, you can imagin this same device when you lay  down to go to sleep! READ MY WORDS - THIS DEVICE HAS NO POWER. IT IS SIMPLY A TOOL FOR TRAINING YOUR MIND!
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