Puzuzu is a Teacher of the Occult Arts and Spiritual Counselor along with being a UFO Hunter, Artist, New Age Musician/Song Writer and “Pioneer of the Unknown”. He describes himself as a Beacon of Light for the World. Puzuzu is also the Author of the book entitled "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came". He is an old soul, having lived 1,048 lives here and on other Worlds. An Eccentric Being in this life would be an understatement. Skydiving, Flesh Hook Suspensions, testing the thresholds of the mind and opening doors to the unknown that cannot be shut, is what makes this person feel alive. This being said, he is an explorer of another breed. Having run the most popular Occult website on the web, SpellsandMagic.com he has become an Icon in the World of the Occult. Puzuzu chooses to live in Sarasota, Florida because of the vibrations in that area and the powerful vortex that emanates in the Gulf of Mexico. This makes Puzuzu feel at home, as it allows many of his Extraterrestrial friends to come through. Puzuzu is from a Pleiadian bloodline having come here to earth to experiment with the game of life on this planet. Puzuzu has become an expert at photographing UFOs and many other anomalies. He holds within his possession over 8,000 photographs of UFOs that he has personally taken himself, along with over 7,000 photographs of other paranormal anomalies that he has personally taken. He has also made contact with many Extraterrestrial races such as Arcturians, Pleiadians, Greys, Belis, and Insectiods along with the Reptilians. Having truly befriended the Reptilians he is now a part of the Reptilian Brotherhood even though he is not of their bloodline. Having mastered the Darkness he is now mastering the Light and helping to hold the Light for this entire planet. Being a “Living Master” and helping Humanity to Ascend into a higher consciousness is his wish for this last incarnation on earth. These are pages for those of you are  interested in who Puzuzu really is. You will see personal photos of Puzuzu doing flesh hook suspensions and Skydiving. There are also links to Puzuzu blogs and articles.

About Puzuzu

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