Seen the Person You Want Spell


Have you lost something you are desperately trying to find? If you have, then you will want to try this free black magic finding spell. This finding spell can be used to find a variety of missing things such as earrings, car keys, or even lost pets.

Nevertheless, if it is love you are looking to find, then please try our free magic lost love or free magic love spells that we offer. Take a piece of black paper, make a little hole on it and see through it to the rising sun while saying:

"I invoke thee, Solar Spirit, with the good auspices of a live God in order to let me see (name of the person)"

S ay these words: you will say:

"Anima mea, turbata et valde sed tu domine, usqueguo"

Go over it 3 times, looking at the Sun. Then close your eyes, focusing in your thought and in your imagination the image of the person you want to see, who will appear soon.

Submitted by Troy Vandicar


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