Home Protection Spells

Home Protection Spell

Each night before bed smudge the doors and windows of your house with the lit incense and say the following:

The door is closed the way is sealed
The uninvited are repelled
The door stands strong, the way is barred,
To all who mean upset and harm
So mote it be!

Submitted by Jannis Pathworker


House Protection Spell

Before you start, keep the object of value close to you. It resembles bravery, strength, and determination.

Step 1: Take the cups and pour salt into each of them so you cannot see the bottom of the cup
Step 2: Place the cups in every room. For large rooms, you should probably have two.

If there is already something that can harm you in your home, place the cups by entrances. If it is a strong force, you should pour some salt into bowls and place them around your home.

Step 3: Sit down in a relaxed place.
Step 4: Pour clean water into a bowl
Step 5: Keep your hands in the water for 30 seconds. This will clean your hands incase anything might have unknowingly harmed you.

Submitted by Ben Palmer

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