Break a Love Spell

This spell should be done at Witching hour on the night of a full moon or waning moon. Carve the words " Your love spell is broken" on a white candle. Then anoint the candle with oil, rubing the oil on from center towards the ends of the candle. This is proper for things that you want to go away. While doing so, imgine the love spells being broken.


Sit quitely and light a white candle. Focus on the person who put the spell on you as you concentrate say:

Now is the time, now is the hour,
to take back my heart to take back my power.
This is the moment to break your spell
I send it back and all is well.

When the candle has completly melted. Gather the wax and Place it in your cauldron and melt it down. Once the wax is melted dwon, let it cool and remove it from the cauldron, trying not to break it. Then carve your name and the name of the person who did the spell on the hardened wax. Then break the wax, splitting it so that each name is on a seperate piece Toss the wax pieces so that they fall cfar apart from each other.

Submitted by Tree Nymph

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