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Love Spell

Needed for this spell is a Red Candle and a Crystal.
Light the Red Candle. Meditate for a few moments on your desires while holding the Crystal.
Then recite these Words...

I call on forces higher then I,
To awaken the dreams that I hold in inside
Through this connection that knows my need
I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.
May this work for me in the most correct way attracting
the love I need today....
I call on thee in perfect love & trust working
with me sending what’s just...
Harming none and helping all is how it
Shall be
This I make true 3x3x3.

This spell is bested begun when the moon is waxing,
but if you cannot wait that long go ahead and do it.
Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself. z
Using a paper clip, hook the photos together so that the faces
are on top of each other.
The idea is that the person cannot see past your face.

Take the photos and place them at the bottom
of your underwear drawer.
The person should soon write, call, or reappear.

Love Spell

You will need:
A sampler size of your favorite scent
A pink candle
First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the candle
in a window where it will receive moonlight (full moon light is best).
Put the scent container in front of the candle and say:
Venus, grant me the love that I lack;
Through this scent, my mate attract!
Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you, spraying on
a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of
the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent!

A Fairy Love Spell #1

"Fairy dust with Magickal wind
send the Fates to do as I bid.
Bring us together with love and trust.
Make it his/her will, this you must
for if it is so and we cannot be,
then make us friends eternally.
By the powers of the universe
and the spirits that guide me
I send this out to the universe
to do as it will.
So Be it!"

A Fairy Love Spell #2

A charred stick (found or made)
Dried rose petals
Piece of red or parchment paper
Fire or Red Candle & Heatproof container

Using the charred part of the stick as you would a pencil, draw two inter-linked hearts on paper as you visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship. Draw with power.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery (lusty) loving energies into them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts. Do this with as much power and intent as possible.

Fold the papers corners in towards you to the centre of the paper as you turn the paper clockwise with the petals inside. You should have a smaller version of your rectangle when you are done. Still visualizing, throw the package into a fire or light it in the flame of a red candle & throw into a heat proof container. As it burns, the power is released. You are done.

You may carry the ashes with you in a small vial or pouch if you desire until you find that special someone.

A Love Spell

You will need:
l pink candle,
1 white candle,
And a moonstone (optional)

Charge the candles with love. Hold them in your hands and pour loving energies into them. Don't picture a certain person, just see yourself happy and with somebody. Place the candles on the alter, the pink one to the left and the white one to the right. Cast a circle and light the candles. If you have a moonstone, place it on the alter between the two candles. Invite the Goddess to join you, if you haven’t already done so, for you will be needing Her help. Next, sprinkle the cinnamon in a figure-eight pattern around the two candles. As you sprinkle the cinnamon, speak these words aloud:

"Oh, Great Goddess of the light,
Bring me happiness, true and bright!
May a new love so true come to me!
As I will it, so mote it be!"

Thank the Goddess and close the circle. Either let the candles burn out, or snuff them out.

A Love Bell Spell

Hang up a bell with a pleasant ring in a window which remains open for a good part of each day, and through which the wind blows (preferable the West wind).

As you do so, speak these words:

"Little bell of love,
I hang you to whisper my need for love on the breezes and winds.
Little bell of love,
Speak of my need for love to your brothers and sisters.
Little bell of love,
I ask you to speak softly and draw to me someone who listens."

Every time the bell rings, it is "whispering" of your need for love. (The brothers and sisters are other bells who will add their own power to the spell.)

Mermaids Love Spell

You need to live near a body of water for this spell (like an ocean, sea or great lake). You might also like to incorporate the following ingredients which are sacred to Mermaids: sea salt, Sea Weed, Coral, Sea Shells, Sand, Natural Glass. You may also use the following herbs in your spell:

* Irish Moss (Sea Weed) [Neptune]: To bring Mermaid's magick to your spells; for a beautiful voice.
* Usnea (looks similat to Spanish Moss)[Neptune, Venus & The Moon]: Sets your magick afloat on the nearest ocean wave & brings Mermaids to do your magick for you.
* Water Lily [Neptune]: Use to attune yourself with the Undine.

Set a couple light blue & light green candles on your altar & anoint them with a Mermaid Oil, here's a recipe:

* 2 drams Hazelnut Oil
* 1 pinch of sea weed (Irish Moss)
* 1 pinch of sea salt
* 1 pebble
* 1 sea shell

Warm all ingredients, remove from heat & let cool. Pour into small bottles or jars.

Smolder a Mermaid Incense of some kind, if you have one. Write a love letter to an imagined lover or a love poem describing what you want or a letter asking the Universe for Love, etc... on a piece if parchment, and smudge it in the incense asking the Merrow (Mermaids) to carry your message to a lover that is perfect for you. Scroll the message up and bind it with a pretty ribbon or Witch's Cord knotted with small shells or red feather or some other talisman to protect it and carry it. Place it in a green or blue bottle. Cork it. You might like to seal the cork with blue or green wax. Then bless the bottle. And, take it to a beach that looks out upon the ocean. And, say a chant or calling to the Merrow. First, throw into the water an offering of some king, like a silver ring or something. Now, throw your bottle into the water & trust that the Mermaids will float your message to your lover.

Check the coast of the beach for a response to your letter- another message in a bottle. There are actually several stories of couples meeting this way! And, they have lived their whole lives together!

A Ribbon Attraction Spell

You will need a pink ribbon, a mirror, some honey, pen, paper, and a candle.
Burn some sweet smelling incense...heather or violet is perfect for this. Pass the ribbon through the smoke three times saying:

"Ribbon be thou the bearer of love. Ribbon be thou the bearer of happiness."

Now put a dab of honey on the ribbon and then on your tongue. As you taste the honey, say:

"Honey, bring me the sweetness of love."

Repeat three times. Now hold up the mirror and look into it. See yourself reflected there. Now say this three times:

"I am Goddess and Goddess is me. She is beautiful. So Mote It Be."

Now dab a bit of honey on the candle and wrap the ribbon around it. Hold it between your hands as you say (again three times)

"From ribbon to candle
The magic shall go
From candle to astral
The flame makes it so."

Remove the ribbon and light the candle. Let the candle burn down. While it is burning you will be writing what you want in a partner on a piece of paper. Be specific...say "likes kittens but hates frogs" if that is what you want. Don't specify any person. It will backfire badly.
When you have finished your list (and you can make mistakes and scratch out or start over), fold the list three times. Tie it up with the pink ribbon. Snuff out the candle if it is still burning. Put the list between your mattress and your box springs.
Each night for the next week you must look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the mirror charm.

"I am Goddess and Goddess is me. She is beautiful. So Mote It Be."

At the end of the week, you can stop the mirror charm or continue it. That is your choice. Your spell will bring you love within 7 weeks.

A Sea Love Spell

A spell to bring love to you. On a Friday night at high tide, take an apple and some cloves to the ocean. On the beach, stud the apple with the cloves, marking out the rune of love 3X's. Now hold the apple in your power hand (the hand that you write with) and infuse it with your desire for love, saying these words or something similar...

"Apple of love, cloves of fire, This is my need, my desire. With harm to none, As I will it, So shall it be done."

Throw the apple as far out into the sea as you are able. So shall it be.

A Seduction Spell

A red candle
Piece of red or pink paper
Red Ink pen or Doves Blood Ink

Light the Red candle. On the paper write your full name. Under your name write the person's name you are attracted to, their birthday then your own. Draw a heart around the information then write the names and birthdays again directly on top of the heart. Do this 3 times. Don't worry if it looks like scribble. Fold the paper small and burn it in the flame of the candle. As it burns say...

"Light the flame bright, the fire Red is the color of desire. "

Repeat 3 times. This must be done each night for 9 consecutive nights.

A Simple Love Charm

Put the following things in a drawstring bag: 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Pink Feather, and 1/5 Cup of Clove.

Get one pink candle to burn while your chanting the spell. Now light the candle and chant the following words

"Love shall come to me by the powers of three, by my will so shall it be!"

At this time anoint the bag with holy water and say,

"The bag is sealed and the charm is made."

A spell to draw two people closer together.

Take two pink petals from a Rose.

Write on one the male lover, and on the other petal the female lover (or if gay write the different names on the two petals as above).

Take an apple, and slice it through, so that you can clearly see the five-pointed Pentagram of the seed capsules.

Take the two Rose petals and putting them together, place them on the bottom half of the apple.

Place the top half of the apple on to the petals so that the apple is whole again.

Now tie a red cord first one way across the apple binding the two halves together saying:

“I bind this man to this woman until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

Now tie a green cord ninety degrees from the red cord and say:

“I bind this woman to this man until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

These words can be set in rhyme (which makes the spell stronger) and helps you not to forget it.

Now place the apple in a dry cupboard, where it won't be disturbed such as a wardrobe or something similar.

Each full Moon, bring the apple out (unobserved by anyone) and place in the full rays of the Moon for at least an hour, then put the apple back where you had put it first.

You may say something whilst it is in the Moon's Light to aid the spell of attraction and binding of the two souls.

A Tarot Spell to Attract Love

The cards are laid out in a stair step going down.

Perform this spell if you are yearning for a great love to enter your life. This spell calls upon arcane forces to bring the ideal man or woman to you.
The first card in the layout is THE STAR, showing powerful, unseen, and fateful forces opening channels to bring your ideal lover to you. The KNIGHT OF CUPS represents a person who brings love into your life, who involves you in an affair - the proverbial "knight in shining armor".

According to some Tarot experts, the knight can represent either a male or a female. However, if you're calling for an ideal woman and are uncomfortable with the KNIGHT, then substitute THE HIGH PRIESTESS, THE EMPRESS, or one of the QUEENS. In fact, if you have a very idea of what you want your ideal man or woman to be, put any card you feel best represents your ideal mate in this position. THE LOVERS here uses it's literal meaning (the third card).

As accessories for this spell, obtain thirteen red candles (do not light these candles until instructed to, later in the spell). If you wish to use other accessories, include additional candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and cloth to lay the cards upon, in shades of red, the color of human love, or white, representing pure psychic energy.

Perform the spell at night before going to bed.

Do the following :

When ready, lay out the cards. First set THE STAR in place. After you have done so, spread out your arms and say:

"I call upon all good spirits!
I call upon all karmic forces!
I call upon the wide-ruling powers!
Make smooth the way, that my love may be brought to me!"

Think about your desire to enlist forces in helping you to find a true love, a soul mate.

Next, set down THE KNIGHT OF CUPS. Think about what you want in the ideal man or woman.

Finally, set THE LOVERS in place. Spend some time daydreaming about the sort of romantic adventures you would like to have.
When your visualizations are complete, take the thirteen red candles and use them to make a circle around your card layout. Light each candle, and then, with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation.

"I call for love, and love comes to me guided by the light of my flames.
Whether it be from near or from far,
My love is drawn to me.
I give love, I receive love.
Our love is passionate, our love is intense as flame.
Our love is long and lasting.
As I desire, so I have love, and so shall it be!"

You may close the spell at this point by putting out the candles and putting away the cards or as desired.

A White Candle Ritual to Attract Love

Get a white candle that will burn down in due time. You will have to inscribe it (see below), so it should be bigger than a birthday candle, and you will also have to watch it burn down to nothing (see below), so it should not be a 24 hour votive light. A plain white altar candle or, better yet, a white "bride and groom" figural candle, will be right.

Prepare an altar and decorate it with those things precious to you and to the one you love. Using a rose thorn from a white rose bush, inscribe the words "All my love come to me" 3 times on the candle. Place the inscribed candle in the center of the altar and light it. For the entire time the candle burns, gaze upon it and visualize your love coming to you in nakedness and beauty. When the candle burns out, collect the wax puddle that remains, wrap it up with the mementoes from the altar and keep it in a safe place.

The result of this spell will not be "zombie" or "victim" thrall-love; but you will receive ALL the love that person has for you -- which may be less than, as much as, or more than the love you have for him. Accept the degree of love you receive with grace and tenderness.

If at some future time you no longer wish to receive that man's love, dispose of the wax puddle in a simple ceremonial way. Depending on your mood, it can be burned on a fire, buried, thrown into running water, mailed to him, ground to shavings and baked into a cake - or whatever you feel is appropriate. But it is your responsibility to dispose of it if you no longer want to be loved in any degree by that man.

Adoration Candle Magick Love Spell

On your altar, place two red candles at either end. Before doing this, rub the two candles with rose essential oil.

Again, on Friday, the day of the week devoted to the Goddess Aphrodite, perform this task to attract your beloved.

Write your name on one candle, and your beloved's on the other. If you do not know his or her name, simply write "my beloved" or "my true love".

Again try to use language that will ensure positive magic. If you simply write "handsome" you may well end up with someone gorgeous, but who is harmful for you in some other way.

Each evening at seven, light the candles and move them slightly closer together.

Carve into your candle a word of special significance to you, perhaps taken from your insights when you performed the wishful thinking task. Perhaps the word "devoted" should be carved into your beloved's candle.

On your own, write the same. Meditate on this quality for several minutes, then snuff out the candles. Repeat this for seven nights, using a different quality each time, until on the seventh, the following Friday, both candles are finally standing as close together as possible.

Light them and let them burn down and out. If any wax remains, scatter it before you as you walk through a beautiful place, wishing it to bring good fortune to others hoping for love.

Aphrodite Love Charm

Assemble materials and cast a circle on the appropriate and hour day. Light an red candle and burn Venus incense. Cut a circle out of red or rose-pink cloth (orange, green or white could also be appropriate). Fill it with a mixture of any of the following herbs and oils: acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers, lavender, cloves, rosemary, cinnamon, olive oil, basil, mint, patchouli, musk, honeysuckle. Add a red felt heart and a copper coin. Write in tiny letters on a small piece of paper:

"Aphrodite of the sea,
Send my true love to me"

Place it in the charm. Charge it with the four elements. Imbue it with your desires and visualizations. Ground the energy and relax. Bind the charm by tying it with a blue thread in seven knots. Open the circle.

Aradia Love Spell

You can bring your lover to you by asking the Italian Fairy Queen, Diana to call upon her daughter, Aradia for aid. Choose the first Thursday following a New Moon and plan to stay awake all night to think only of your lover. At dawn on Friday, call your beloved to you when the Moon is still visible and the Sun is just rising, saying:

"Good and beautiful Diana, I have faithfully worshiped you; now help me! Call your daughter Aradia and send her to fetch my love to me. Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking. Thank you great Fairy Queen and fair Aradia."

Dogs are sacred to Diana, so if the tryst must be kept a secret, your lover may come disguised as a dog, shape-shifting into human form only when you are alone.

love spells
Attract the Perfect Lover Spell

Timing: Perform on a Friday during the waxing moon.


6 rose petals
1 teaspoon of lavender
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
a rose quartz
6-inch square of pink cloth
green ribbon (floss or yarn will do)
an inch of red ribbon
needle and thread
a penny

Place the petals, rose quartz, lavender, cinnamon, red ribbon, and penny in the center of the cloth square. Gather the edges of the fabric together and hold the pouch close to your heart. Then say:

"Venus, Queen of love, divine
Bring the love to me that's mine.
Perfect, he (she) and perfect, me
Together we are meant to be.
Venus, Queen of love, so warm
Bring my love to me, without harm.
Let nothing keep us now apart,
Bring perfect love to fill my heart."

Still holding the pouch against your heart, fill it with loving energy. Secure the pouch with the green ribbon to seal the spell. Carry it on your person and sleep with it under your pillow. When the lover comes to you, bury the pouch under a tree.


There are many spells to help attract love. This one is especially easy to perform. To start, you’ll need a bottle of your favorite scent and a pink candle. Carve a heart in the candle using a pin or toothpick. Light the candle in a window where it will receive moonlight from a Full Moon. Place the scent bottle in front of the candle, and say:

"Grant to me the love I lack; through this scent, my mate attract!"

Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you at all times. You may dab a little on when you are out socializing. Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation every time you put on the scent.

by Chandra Beal

Attracting Love Spell

To attract love you need one pink candle, one teaspoon of ground almonds (happiness), one teaspoon of rose water (to represent love). On a night leading up the full moon, light the candle and relax. Sprinkle the almonds and rose water around the base of the candle and say the following:

"Candle pink, warn with fire, bring to me the love I desire.
With these almonds around the flame, Cupid's arrow will take aim.
With this scent of fragrant rose, I bring this love spell to a close."

Gaze into the flame for a moment. You may see an image of your new love. Let the candle burn out. Wait at least one lunar month before repeating.

Attraction Bath Spell

This spell is designed to draw a variety of people to you, so you can more easily find a suitable mate. To start, light a red candle and soak in a bathtub with red rose petals. If you are a woman, add cinnamon or vanilla to the water; a man, jasmine or patchouli. Dress yourself in red clothing and stand before a mirror. Light red candles in front of the mirror, and say:

"I call on the gifts of Aphrodite, I call on the gifts of Pan - Make me attractive and lovely, Make me a more beautiful woman (or man). So mote it be."

Gaze at yourself in the mirror, and picture an aura around your body that causes people to turn their heads and look at you.

by Diana Rajchel

Attraction Poppet or Figure

A rock
Red candle
Bed sheet
Barbie or Ken-like doll or pink poppet
A cup
Rubber band
Target's picture
A pink cloth
Shoe box
Black magick marker

Find a quiet place where you can turn out all the lights and be undisturbed. Get a bed sheet and make a circle out of it by tying the ends together. Take some salt and trace a triangle with the apex to the circle on a flat surface, like card board over carpet. Place a rock at the base of the triangle and place a candle at the apex. Light it and step into the circle. Sit down in it. Take the figure/poppet and fasten his picture to it with a rubber band or place inside the poppet. Hold the figure/poppet.

Trace a unicursal hexagram clockwise beginning in the upper left corner with the cup. Visualize lines, the color pink. Then say this:

"Jupiter, I summon they to aid me in this rite, to empower me with what I need."

Take the pink cloth and sign your name. Then sign: "Jupiter". (If you know Automatic Handwriting, have the spirit sign the cloth.) Then take the cloth and wrap the action figure or poppet in it and place it all in the shoe box. Thank the spirit from Jupiter and license it to depart by tracing the hexagram counterclockwise at the same upper left point and say:

"So be it."

Put the shoebox in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.

Attraction Spell #1

Light an orange candle, then take a small seashell and pass it three times through the flame. As you do this, say:

"By the power of three,
So make it be."

...each time you go through the flame. Take a handful of cinnamon and using a spoon and bowl, mix it with dried and crushed red rose petals. Sprinkle the shell with some of the mixture and imagine yourself attracting many different people. Take the rest of the mixture and toss it into the wind to carry your request to the God and Goddess. Then carry the shell with you in a pocket or purse at all times.

Attraction Spell #2

You will need:
A mirror
1 Pink candle (friendship, romance)
1 Red Candle (passion, lust)

In a place that is fire-safe & comfortable for sitting a while, place the mirror with a candle on each side. Light the candles...turn down, or off, any artificial light. Now, sit down in front of the mirror, gaze at your reflection. Sit comfortably, and relaxed. Notice all your good qualities...focus on them...then say aloud how wonderful this feature (eyes, for ex.) are. notice their shape, and color, speak of them this with all your best features. smile at yourself :) Tell yourself, how wonderful you are...state all the positive aspects of your personality, (your humor, your willingness to help others, etc) name all the beautiful traits, that make you special...speak of them aloud, and with confidence. Now comes the really hard part...hopefully, with practice, and by doing the above things, this will be easier to do! Say these words or whatever suits you:

"I am beautiful (or handsome) on the outside
I am wonderful within
I am special unto myself,
So let the love come in!
Negative thoughts, they vanish
I now toss them out
Negative feelings, be banished,
to let my love shine out!"

Repeat this, at least 5 times per sitting. And do at least, once a day - you may re use the candles, but please do not blow them out! (Some say that it is an insult, to the air & fire elements) Use a snuffer or wet your fingers, and pinch them out. As you get more used to doing this spell, you may repeat these words, or any words that you chose (spells are great, when made personal...

Also - to make an attraction charm to wear, simply find a chain with a pendant that suits you, and drape over the mirror while doing your spell...or wear it, so it is in sight, as you do your spell. The charm gains strength, as you continue to work the spell. This spell works! In time you will see a noticeable difference in the number of people who approach you.

Balabala's Love Spell

This love spell is intended to attract the perfect mate and partner. In the circle, ground and center. Meditate on all the preconceived ideas you have about the perfect partner.

Maybe you have a particular candidate in mind for romance. Release the thought of that person (it would be most unethical to work magick to make a certain person love you; this would violate their free will, and put you in jeopardy by The Law of Return). Release all notions of what your perfect lover will look like. These are externals, and if you cling to them then you run the risk of overlooking your ideal mate simply because your conscious mind was focused on superficialities.

Equipment Needed:
Two candles
One white
One in your favorite color
Two holders
A rose colored altar cloth
A piece of red chalk

This love spell can be performed at any time. I usually find that the evening is the best. When your mind is clear and open, hold the candle of your favorite color: this represents you. Meditate, then speak aloud all the qualities and energies you are willing to bring to an intimate relationship. Replace that candle on the altar, and pick up the white one. This represents your ideal partner. Speak aloud the essential qualities you desire in a mate, and ask Aphrodite to bring you together in this lifetime.

Now place the two candles in their holders at opposite ends of the altar. Draw a heart on the center with the red chalk, large enough for both candle holders. Each day thereafter, meditate on the perfect loving relationship for a few minutes, and move the two candles an inch close together. If you started on the new moon, then by full moon the candles should be touching in the center of the heart. When they meet, draw two more hearts around the first one, raise energy by singing your favorite love song, and charge the candles.

Basic Love Knot Spell

Take three cords or strings of various, pleasing colors that make you think of love & passion - such as pink, red and purple - and braid them tightly together while thinking of your hearts desire.

Firmly tie a knot in the middle of the braid while thinking of your need for love. Next, tie another knot, and another, until you have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love.

After that, keep the cord in a safe place, or give to one of the elements - burn and scatter the ashes in the ocean or in a stream.

Basil & Cinnamon Love Talisman

Should be done on a Friday during a waxing moon

Large, flat plate
Small picture of yourself
Ground cinnamon
Dried basil
Ceramic or glass bowl
Pink household or taper candle
Small piece of pink cotton cloth
Pink yarn or cord

Hold the candle between your hands & envision yourself as a loving, giving person. Fill yourself with feelings of love & sensuality. Infuse those feelings into the candle and then place it in its holder. Light the candle.

Place the plate before the candle. Put the small picture of yourself in the middle of the plate. Pour a small circle of ground cinnamon on the plate around the picture & say:

"Love surrounds me."

Pour a larger circle of basil around the ring of cinnamon, saying once again:

"Love surrounds me."

Now pour a third, larger circle of cinnamon around the basil and say once again:

"Love surrounds me."

Hold your hands, palms down, over the three herb circles and your picture for a few moments. Sense the energies that are rising from the herbs. Raise energy. Visualize again what you want the talisman to accomplish. Carefully pour the herbs and the picture into the bowl. Place your hands into the bowl and mix the herbs with your fingers, infusing them with your personal energy as you do so and saying these words or something similar:

" Spice and herb, Plant and tree:
send someone to love only thee.
Love we shall share, Equally
As is my will & desire, So mote it be!"

Pour the spices and the picture into the center of the pink cloth. Gather up ends and tie them shut with the pink yarn. Place the love talisman beside the candle. Let sit there for at least 15 minutes or so as you concentrate on what you want it to accomplish for you then pinch out the candles flame. Burn the candle for at least 7 minutes at approximately the same time each day and carry the talisman with you to attract appropriate love. It is best to make another talisman or recharge this one about every 6 months or so.

Birch Love Spell

Birch: Known as Lady of the Woods, Paper Birch and White Birch.

Carefully gather strips of the bark at the New Moon. With red Doves Blood ink, write on a birch strip:

"Bring me true love."

Burn this along with a love incense, saying

"Goddess of love, God of desire,
Bring to me sweet passion's fire."

The specific name of a god/goddess may be added. Or cast the bark into a stream or other flowing water, saying:

"Message of love, I set you free,
to capture a love and return to me."

Remember: It is unwise to use this incantation and ritual directed toward a specific person as that would violate the rule. If a love is to come to you, it must be of that persons free will to do so.

Bring Back my Love Spell

You will need:
2 white candles
A photo of your lover or friend
A photo of yourself smiling
A chamomile teabag
A piece of blue material

To bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends. Perform this spell at 8 o'clock in the evening.

At exactly 8 o'clock light the candles and take a few deep relaxing breaths. Visualize a peaceful scene. Now hold in your hand the picture of your ex lover or friend and repeat this chant:

"With the light of the flame
I'll light your desire,
When I speak your name
You'll feel the glow
from my fire.
The spell has been cast--
So be it!"

Say his or her name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his or her picture so that the 2 images are together. Wrap up the pictures, along with the chamomile tea bag in the blue cloth. Put the package in a safe place. To make sure your ex lover or friend gets the message, light the candles and repeat his or her name 3 times each evening at 8 o'clock.

Bring Someone Close Spell

There are any number of ways to do this spell. You can drip water (preferably Full Moon Water) on photos of you and your beloved. You can set a candle in a bowl of water and allow it to burn until the water extinguishes it. You also may want to use Come To Me oil and/or incense for the spell. However you do it, visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love!

"Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear.

A love that's true once here he'll find
And know his journey's end.
And in his heart and soul and mind
He'll know our lives should blend."

Broken Heart Spell

To help ease a broken heart, walk alone in a secluded area. As you walk, pick up a small stone which appeals to you. It should be small enough so you can carry it with you. Hold it; feel its Earth power. Carry this stone with you until you feel you're ready to let go of your pain. When you're ready, hold up the stone as you say:

"Gift of Mother Earth, You were here in the beginning, And you'll be here in the end. Thank you, now I'm ready to live again."

Put away the stone in a special place. If you feel the need, take it out and meditate with it from time to time.

by Jim Weaver

Carnations to Attract Love

To be performed on New Moon.
For this spell you will need 9 red carnations.

Place your red carnations in a clear glass vase of water. Add 4 drops of red food coloring to the water.
Cup your hands around the flowers and inhale deeply the scent of the carnations. Say:

"Flowers red
I see you
Touch you
Smell you
Bring me love as tangible as you."

Cockles of the Heart Love Spell

You will need: a pink candle, rose quartz, rose oil, a specially-charged heart pendant, and a cockle shell.

Perform during the waxing moon. Anoint the candle and your forehead each with one drop of rose oil. Light the candle, state your wish, and pass the pendant and rose quartz through the flame. Place both of those inside the shell overnight. Extinguish the candle. Repeat for nine nights. Then wear the pendant and carry the rose quartz in your pocket for one moon cycle.

Crossing Paths Spell

You will need:
Yellow candles
Yellow or white thread
Picture of yourself
Picture of intended
Magnet or lodestone

On a night during the Waxing Moon, and preferably when the moon is in the phase of Gemini (for communication) gather the above ingredients and go to a place where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes.

Light the candles and hold the pictures within your hands and chant this charm:

"Image of me, Image of you,
Coming together, forming two."

As you say this, cut the images so the two of you are not part of the original photos any longer. The pictures are then sewn together with the needle and thread. The new photo is then placed on your alter, and atop should be placed a lodestone or magnet to draw the two of you together.

On the Full Moon of that month, light a yellow candle and place the charm underneath the candle to work your magick. Say this to release the spell:

"A picture of you, a picture of me,
A picture of us, together shall be.
Come, if you will, to be with me,
This is my will, so mote it be."

Now that the Magickal part is done, you must work the mundane part. Write or call and ask to meet them. If they are not receptive to your offer, try again another time. This spell is not meant to force the person to do anything they aren't willing to do so just let them know that your offer is always open.

Crystal Love Spell

Purchase a clear or rose quartz crystal. Bathe it in sea salt and spring water and wrap it in white cloth until you are ready to perform the spell, which is designed to neutralize all unwanted vibrations and energies. Charge it by holding it and asking the powers of the Goddess to bring you a lover who is correct and good for you. Carry the crystal in a bright pink, red or green satin or lame bag. Or you can cut a piece of colored cloth, place the crystal in it, and tie the corners together with a string the same color.

Discourage an Unwanted Admirer

Can be used to discourage an unwanted admirer, either male or female, who is causing you stress or unhappiness as a result of their attentions.

Visualize the person in mind for a few moments then repeat the following chant:

"As I place herein this man/woman's name
I humbly ask the sacred flame:
Release me from her/his power,
Make me stronger by the hour.
Cleanse her/his soul and set her/him free
So she/he no longer troubles me!
As the flame to heaven ascends
So my pain and trouble ends.
Ashes only do remain;
Free am I of Loss and pain."


Do You Like Me? Spell

If you really like someone but stay silent for fear that they do not feel the same, this can give you the green light (or the red one) to act on your feelings. Best done on a Friday under a full moon but a waxing moon is fine as well.

Items Needed:
A small, new, red rubber ball

In your circle, cleanse, consecrate and empower the red rubber ball. Begin bouncing the ball and repeat the following chant:

"From ground to air, From air to ground
I bounce the magick round and round
Do you like me? Do you love me?
I need to know the answer.
Dragon's eye, and Angel wing
Now I touch the Fairy ring.
Do you like me? Do you love me?
I need to know the answer.
Earth and Air, Fire and Water.
My little ball goes higher and higher.
Mine is the magick, Mine is the power.
It's time to know the answer"

Repeat the last line as you bounce the ball. Keep bouncing the ball and say:

"With harm to none, as I will it shall be done.
May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse.
So mote it be!"

You should receive your answer shortly. If you don't have your answer in 30 days & are still interested in knowing, repeat the spell.

Do You Love Me? Spell

Go outside or to a window where you can see the Moon clearly in the sky. Close your eyes and visualize the person you desire. Say this:

"If you love me, let me know.
At this plea, may your love show."

Next time you see the person, take note of any new behavior they may exhibit. If the person seems to talk or look at you more often than usual, see this as a sign that he feels love for you. However, be careful with this spell. You must be sure he has feelings for you in the first place for the spell to succeed.

Enchanted Apple Spell

Pick a half green/half-red apple when the Moon has waned three days. Breath upon its green cheek, rub it with a scarlet cloth, saying:

"Fire sweet
And fire red,
warm the heart
And turn the head."

Kiss the red half, put it later in another's hand. Who holds it shall weaken, who eats it shall be yours as long as you can keep them.

Enflame Desire Spell

Note: This spell designed to be worked on someone you desire who also desires you but is shy in expressing his/her feelings.

Timing: Perform this spell on a Friday night with a waxing moon


3 hairs from the head of the person
A candle in the shape of phallus (for a man) or a womb (for a woman)
The candle can be red for sex and passion, or green for love and affection
Olive oil
Plain piece of paper

If you make your own candle, wait until Friday to prepare the wax. Then add the three hairs to the soft wax as you mold the candle with your hands. However, if you bought the candle already made, just soften the wax a little with a lighter and then embedded the hairs in it.

On a Friday night with a waxing moon, take the candle into your hands and think hard on the relationship you desired to have with your loved one. See yourself with this person in the present, doing all you desire to do.

Now anoint the candle with olive oil, using sensuous, caressing motion, as you were attending your lover. Never stop imagining how it is when you are together.

Finally, light the candle and pray that your lover will come to you. Write your lover's name three times on a plain piece of paper, and burn it in the flaming wick. While the paper burns, chant the name of your lover out loud three times. Blow out the candle. Now be patient and wait for your lover to respond.

Fairy Love Spell

Take a daisy that appeals to you (always thank the daisy and energies for the use of the daisy) hold it in your left hand before you go to bed and whisper to it

"Fairy flower from the field
If he be mine then let him yield."

Place it under your pillow and leave it there for as long as it takes for the fairy folk to do their work.

Finding Love

To find love, you will need some things, which I find help you visualize what you are looking for. First, you will need three candles, two white and one pink. The white candles represent purity and the pink represents love. You will also need a bowl of water, a rose, and a sweet smelling incense (I like jasmine or vanilla myself).

Set up the candles in a triangle with the pink one at the top. Place the bowl of water in the middle of the circle and the incense close by. When this is set up, light the candles and focus on what you wish to find.

Next, stir the bowl of water with the stem of the rose or your finger (it doesn't really matter how you stir it so long as the water starts to move in a circular motion). When the water is spinning in the bowl, pluck of a petal of the rose and drop it into the water. As you drop the first petal into the water state a trait you wish the person you are looking for to possess. Continue to drop in petals for each characteristic you picture your love to have. When the water stops spinning, the person you described should fall in love with you.

If the water stops spinning before you have finished describing the person you are looking for, simply take the rose stem and stir it again. If the water continues to spin after you are finished, wait for it to stop spinning.

When the water has stopped spinning and the petals no longer a moving in the water, strain out the petals and pour the water into a teapot. Heat the water until it is warm. When the water is warm (like how you would have a cup of tea), drink the water (you may use a tea bag to flavor the water). While you drink the water, for every sip recite one of the traits you spoke of before when you dropped in the petals. The person you wish to meet and fall in love with, should come to you, or you will meet him in the near future.

Getting Rid of an Unwanted Love

We all have a person who loves us when we can't return the affection. The type of person who won't leave us alone, this spell will get rid of that person.

For this you will need a few things. First you will need a red candle, a black candle, and a white candle. The red candle represents an end, the black candle represents new beginning and renewal, and the white candle symbolizes purity. Next, you will need a wooden stick, a piece of chalk, a metal bowl, and a ribbon. Set up the candles in a triangle, it doesn't matter which is at the top. Place the metal bowl in the middle, place the ribbon in the bowl and the stick on top if it.

When everything is set up, light the candles in this order: white, red, black. As you do say this:

"This is pure and true
I cannot love (name)
An end to this affection
An end to this love
Move on from me
Find a love of your own."

When the candles are lit, hold the stick over them one at a time repeating what you said as you lit them. Next, take the piece of chalk and draw a circle around the middle of it. Name one side of the stick after yourself and the other after the person you wish to repel. Break the stick in two in the middle where you drew the circle. Next, place the stick back in the bowl and remove the ribbon as you do.

Hold the ribbon in your hand and hold it over each of the candles repeating what you said before. Next, Hold the ribbon between your hands pulling it taunt. Hold the center over the flame of the red candle. When the ribbon breaks, hold one end of each ribbon over the other two candles, when they catch fire, place the pieces in the bowl with the stick. Watch the pieces burn and think of a separation between you and the person your named.

When the fire goes out, take the ashes and draw a heart on each of the three candles. Take what is left of the stick and draw a line down the middle of each of the hearts. This should separate you from the person who love you without return. If it doesn't, repeat the process on a full moon to increase the power of the spell.

Ginseng Aphrodisiac Spell

Considered to be the ultimate in Aphrodisiacs, Ginseng is best used as a liquid tonic still bearing the root within.

To increase the sex drive, light a red phallus-shaped candle, burn musk incense on your altar, appealing perhaps to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of sexual pleasures. Drink four fluid ounces of Ginseng Tonic twice daily for at least one week before engaging in sexual activity with your lover.

Heal A Broken Heart and Start Anew

Here is a ritual for healing a broken heart, ending a dying relationship and starting anew.

Moon Phase: Full or new

Cast and purify your circle. Call the corners.

Invoke Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Clear yourself of all thoughts; open up for your magick.

Say this chant, as many times as you feel you need to:

"Oh, Goddess, take my pain
Steady as a falling rain
Give me courage to end the end
Give me a chance to start new again
Help heal all broken hearts
So that we may easy part
Oh Goddess let my will be done
With no harm to anyone
Blessed Be!
So mote it be!"

Visualize yourself in your mind, happy, ending with ease and starting new and fresh. See new beginnings and happy times ahead for you, with no more pain.

Light black candles to repel negativity, a coral colored candle to help with heart break, and pink candles for relationships.

Hempseed Love Spell

To cast a spell on one's true love, the prospective bride should sow hempseed either simply in nine furrows or, according to other accounts, on St. Valentine's Eve or Midsummer's Eve around a church at the clock strikes midnight.

"Hempseed I sow, hempseed I sow,
The young man that I love
Come after me, and mow.
I sow; I sow;
Then my own dear
Come here, come here:
And mow; and mow!"

If the nine-furrow method is used, the charm must be repeated nine times, once for each furrow. Otherwise just keep chanting until you finish circling the church. Your true love will look you up the next day. The minister's reaction to the circle of pot that springs up around his church in a week or so will also be worth watching for.

Herbal Love Spell

Items Needed:
A Small Pot
Basil Seeds
Soil from your loved-ones track.

Sow the seeds in a small pot thinking loving thoughts about your love. Put the pot in a warm place and water them frequently. Keep them in a warm safe place. Eventually the person will start to show feelings for you and the spell has worked!

IMPORTANT!!! Do not let the plants die, for with them, so will the love if it is not yet firmly rooted.


Is it True Love? Spell

Moon: Waxing.
Day: Mondays and Fridays.
Color, Candles: Pink for Friendship, gold for happiness, light blue for understanding, red for true love.
Incense: Any love one.

Start by lining the candles up left to right, Pink, Gold, Light Blue, Red. Place the incense so the smoke from the incense is flowing though the candles. Before you light each candle look at the Moon to acknowledge the Goddess.

Concentrate your emotions on the Chant:

"May it be real,
as I think it's true love I feel.
with this blow,
let my feelings flow.
If it reaches the red,
it's him I shall Wed."

Say the chant and, starting from the pink end, blow out each candle. With a bit of help the relationship will last.

Jezebel Love Spell

This spell was first developed in 1989 by a group in a college dorm. It seems to draw many people, even if only one person is specified. The targets drawn, are often obsessed with the practitioner for about 2 months and the passion is intense. The 2 month time, as well as the lack of specified target focus may have been the inexperience of the practitioners involved. The group had only been practicing Witches for about 3 years.

You will need:
A clear mind and focused goal
1 large (7 day) red candle
2 small white votive candles
Patchouli incense
Rose scented bar soap
About 1 Tablespoon sea salt (best) or table salt (ok)
Purified, fresh spring, rainwater, collected dew or tap water

Timing: Within the 3 days before the full moon, and not after the full moon. Fridays are good, but not necessary. This will work at any time, but having the full moon does seem to amplify it.

Prepare the ritual area and spell components. On the red candle, inscribe a name or Magickal symbols and runes, or place a photograph of the target under it (letters from the person work too) Bathe or shower using the rose scented soap. Clarify your mind at this time, wash away negativity as with any ritual bath, and focus your goal. Reinforce your circle of protection. Make sure you know the entire ritual, go over it in your mind. Know your "lines" or memorize the one's included here.

Go outside or to a window or door. Clear your mind and reinforce your personal protective circle or aura. In your own words, state or think your goal. In a clean container (non plastic or metal) dissolve the salt in about 2 cups (500 ml) of water. Use the consecration, cleansing, or blessing techniques of your choice to charge the water, or use this one:

Hold the container of water so you can see a reflection on it's surface. Try to reflect the moon back to you. Take a deep breath. Draw the energy of the moon into the water by visualizing a stream of white light pouring into the water. Take the salt in your projective hand (usually right, or writing hand) and while slowly letting it fall into the water, move your hand clockwise over the surface three times while saying slowly and clearly: (you can repeat each words of power group 3X if desired)

"Water pure and clean
Protect me from all unseen
The love I call I will never wean."

Dip your fingertips, wand, or athame into the water and anoint each chakra point, or use your fingers, a bunch of herbs (patchouli great!) or other tool to sprinkle the water over yourself.

Light the two white votive candles now:

"Waxing Moon
He/She will be here soon,
morning, night, or afternoon."

Prepare to light the red candle as you say this:

"Burning desire,
will not expire,
passion burn as I light this fire!"

Hold your focused goal in your mind the entire time you are performing this rite, but double your efforts now, hold the lit red candle (both hands or projective hand) and force everything you've got into it. Do NOT allow any doubt in at this point! (if ever!) When you've "spent" your energy projecting it into the candle, set down the candle (on top of photo or letters if included) and prepare to light the patchouli incense while saying:

"Drawing scent,
will not relent,
in calling forth the one who's meant."

Confirm your goal once again. Allow the candles to burn down (make sure you have a fireproof surface) and close the rite in your own manner or by saying:

"So Mote it Be!" (So be it, Let it be so, As I will so mote it be, etc.)

Personally, I include the following optional closing, or some variation of it, to most of my workings:

"Let all aspect be true and right,
freewill remains with all this night.
Let this spell not turn on me,
and harm no one, so mote it be!"

The red candle should take 3 days to a week and a half to burn down, and by that time, you should have some prospects! If not, go over the 4 checklist questions, and try again. Some of the practitioners I've known prefer to repeat this entire spell each night for the three nights prior to the full moon. They leave the red candle burning, but refocus the goal and the remainder of the working again each night.

Look at Me Spell

Charisma can help us make friends, find new lovers, and improve our business potential. While this spell will not make you a model or a rock star, it can help you gain charisma. In a small bowl, mix some olive or grape seed oil with cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli, and vervain. Picture the mix beginning to glow with white positive energy. As you stir the mixture, visualize yourself as the center of attention. Then say:

"Herbs make me bright, Herbs make me glow.
The party starts when I arrive. I am the show!
So mote it be."

Transfer the oil to a glass container. Dab some oil on before going to social functions.

by Diana Rajchel

Lost Love Spell

This spell is to "cure" a broken heart. After a break-up, on a full moon, go outside underneath the radiant light. Light some black, red, and blue candles and some incense of your choice. Say:

"As you leave my life,
I leave behind my pain.
As you burn to dust,
So does all my hurt.
As I leave you in my past,
I leave with you my sorrow."

Let the candles burn down completely. Take the remains off your property and bury them. Turn around and don't look back! Now follow with a renewal or healing ritual.

Love Chat to the Moon

On the night of the full Moon, gaze up to the Goddess, fill yourself with her energy and recite these words:

"Oh Goddess Moon fill me with your love so that I may see..
a person's intentions no matter who they may be..."

This also has the occupational hazard of not being able to lie to yourself either.

Love Mojo

To attract love, fill a red or pink flannel or chamois mojo bag with some Venus-ruled herbs (catnip, mugwort, or yarrow), a heart-shaped piece of sun-dried lemon peel, a piece of red or pink coral, a lock of your own hair and any of the following roots of love magick: Adam and Eve root, Beth root, ginseng root, John the Conqueror root, Mandrake root, Orris root.

Seal the bag; consecrate and charge it, and then wear it daily on a white string or gold chain around your neck.

If you have a particular lover in mind that you wish to attract, fix your thoughts on that person (especially as you make the mojo bag), chant his or her name often, and secretly run the mojo bag whenever you are in his/her presence.

To keep the magick potent and to prevent negativity from stopping its powers, you should anoint the bag once a week on a Friday evening with three drops of pink champagne or rose oil, and then pass it through the rising smoke of burning patchouli incense.

Love Patches

Make little love patches to attract love into your life.

You will need:
Several small square pink pieces of fabric
Pink thread
Some pins
Herb, only one of the suggested: chamomile, basil, rosemary or dried rose petals.

Take a pinch of the herb and place it in the center of the fabric, fold over and pin it. Using thread and needle, sew the little bundle at the edges so the herb won't fall out.

Light a pink candle. Say:

"Venus, Aphrodite,
bring love to me.
Through the flame and my desire.
Burns as hot as this fire."

Allow the pink candle to burn down. Place the little love patches in your underwear drawer, in the South section of your bedroom, under the pillows, anywhere you'd like. Carry one with you.

Love Sachet

Items needed:
Leather or pink silk pouch
Pink candle
4 white candles
Catnip or jasmine
Paper and pen

Cast the circle, then consecrate it with salt and water. Call the Goddess and God (optional), and the four elements. Place the 4 candles around the circle, make sure they're in the right spots for each of the directions (north, south, etc...) Place the pink candle in front of you, behind the cauldron. Light the white candles calling out their elements, then light the pink candle. Write down on a piece of paper what qualities you want (cute, funny, etc...) Burn the catnip/jasmine then paper. Say 3 times:

"I burn this candle to bring me a lover
I burn this paper to bring me a lover
I burn this catnip/jasmine to bring me a lover
Power this sachet with love"

When everything is burnt down to ashes, put them in the sachet/pouch.
Wear around your neck all the time, and kiss pouch 3 times each day.

By Trish Patersen

Love Sigil Spell

In front of an image of Venus or Aphrodite and a cup of water, place twelve copper or silver coins in the form of the goddess's sigil, a circle balanced on top of an equal armed cross. Start with the right side of the circle, bringing the divine energy down as you arrange the earth cross, then go the left, ascending side of the crowning. Say these words as you place each coin:

"I ask you, great goddess of love, to look upon me kindly from above; let your love of greatest worth find me here and now."

Leave the sigil set up until love enters your life; if it is a love you want to endure, glue the coins to a board and place behind your image of Aphrodite-Venus.

By deTraci Regula

Love Spell

Materials: Rose incense, pink candle, Three strings (colors depending on the type of person you are hoping for, Like I used red for love and passion, green for luck, and orange for attraction, but really just use whatever colors feel right to you)

After casting your circle, light the candle and the incense and envision the love you would like to attract. Picture them physically, and say in your mind our out loud certain personality traits. If you truly want to envision a specific person, BE SURE to say something along the lines of "if we truly are meant to be" during the next part of the spell, other wise you are royally breaking the rules. Take the three strings and braid them together. As you do this, keep picturing your love, and perhaps chant something as well. I find that the chant is best when personalized, otherwise it is less from the heart.

Also, make sure to braid the strings as nicely as possible, don't be sloppy. When you are finished, you will have a braided cord. Tie nine knots in it. If you already tied one to start the braid, only tie eight, so you end up with only nine knots total. Tie the cord around your ankle.

By the time the cord falls off, you should meet your true love.

Love Spell

Anoint a red candle with a Love-drawing oil & burn a Love-drawing incense. Recite this incantation 3 times each night as the candle burns for about 10-15 minutes:

"I am possessed by burning love for this man/woman
And this love comes to me from Apsaras, who is victorious ever
Let this man/woman yearn for me, desire me,
Let his/her desire burn for me!
Let this love come forth from the spirit & enter him/her
Let him/her desire me as nothing has been desired before!
I love him/her, I want him/her
He/she must feel this same desire for me!
O spirit of the air,
Let him/her burn with love for me."

Do this for 5 nights in a row. Bury the remains in your front yard.

Love Spell

Anoint a red candle with a Love-drawing oil & burn a Love-drawing incense. Recite this incantation 3 times each night as the candle burns for about 10-15 minutes:

"I am possessed by burning love for this man/woman
And this love comes to me from Apsaras, who is victorious ever Let this man /woman yearn for me, desire me, Let his/her desire burn for me! Let this love come forth from the spirit & enter him/her Let him/her desire me as nothing has been desired before! I love him/her, I want him/her He/she must feel this same desire for me! O spirit of the air, Let him/her burn with love for me."

Do this for 5 nights in a row. Bury the remains in your front yard.

Love Spell To the Goddess Aine

Aine is an Irish Moon Goddess who brings luck in love. She is honored at Midsummer, a night when Faeries like to frolic with humans and make mischief. Because she is the Goddess of Good Luck, you can make any intention you wish for this spell, and she will see that it comes true in a correct way for you.

You will need:
Dried hay or cornhusks
Black string
Water or a shovel to put out fire.

Tie the cornhusks or hay into a bundle with the black string, arranging them so the end of the bundle can be lit as a smudge stick. Go out in the country or a garden and light the bundle. Let the smoke rise over the flowers or grass and up through the branches of trees toward the stars. Watch the smoke on its journey as it blesses everything it touches, while concentrating on your intentions. The Goddess Aine will see the smoke. Sit quietly. When she is ready, she'll send a procession of Faeries to dance and play around you, beginning the magick to make your love wish come true.

Love is in the Air Spell

To create a potent perfume that will draw the romantic attention of the opposite sex, during a Full Moon mix the following oils or herbs in an olive or almond oil base in proportions pleasing to both your nose and magical senses. For women seeking men: vanilla extract or oil, clove oil, rose oil, and willow bark. For men seeking women: musk oil, orange or lime oil, nutmeg oil, and dried yarrow. Apply the perfume to chakra or pulse points before going out to meet your prospective lovers.

By Edain McCoy

Lover Spell

Materials required:
One bottle of red wine
Tablespoon of rosemary herb
Two cinnamon sticks
One vanilla pod

This spell is to be used to spice up an already existing happy and loving relationship.

It should be worked at the waxing to full Moon.

For those who are unable to drink alcohol, substitute it with Grape Juice.

Gather the Vanilla Pod, cinnamon, and rosemary herb together. Tip some of the wine into a glass, this is to allow room in the bottle for the herbs. Hold up the picture of you and your partner, think back to when the photo was taken. Relive and visualize the happy feelings you felt at that time, and realize how your love for each other has matured and like the red wine.

Place the herbs into the bottle and repeat the followings words:

"Entwined as one we shall be,
Pure love for ever,
Just you and me.
From this chalice we drink this wine,
Imbued with passion,
Till the end of time."

When your partner comes home drink the wine together. Don't forget to use your best glasses.

Lust Doll Spell

Target's picture
Your picture
Target's action figure or red poppet
Your action figure or red poppet
Red cloth
3 red household candles
2 rubber bands
A lighter
A shoe box.

Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture. Buy a poppet or action figure for your gender and one for the target's gender. Put their picture over the doll face or in the poppet and secure it with a fastener. Do the same for the doll that represents you.

Write on the red cloth, "Lust" Tie two knots in the yarn.

Light a red image candle for you and a red candle for the target. Say;

"This candle represents me and my burning love for you.
This candle represents you and your will to love."

Place the target's doll near the target candle and your doll near yours. Place the third unlit candle between the two candles. Say:

"This is the growing lust between us,
attracting us to each other."

Take the two candles with both hands and light the centre candle with them at the same time. Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle. Say:

"By the light of our growing lust for each other, I bind us with it
until I should choose to break the bonds and part ways with you."

Cover the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by making one more knot in addition to the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box.

To make a generic lust-attractor....Just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don't bind it. Place it in the shoebox. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll:

"I have increased my power to attract!"

Do this until you feel that other's attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.

Lusty Lips Spell

Lust isn't a 'sin' - when treated properly, and with respect, they are sacred to the Lord and Lady - use this spell to rekindle lost passion when you feel the relationship is close to ending, not to make someone sleep with you. If you use this spell to manipulate someone, the Universe will broomstick you upside the head, and your love life will plummet down the plughole - you have been warned!

Decorate the bedroom with roses, perhaps scattering rose petals on the bed - light candles, create a romantic atmosphere - do all you can to create a loving vibe in the house and, in particular, the bedroom.

At your altar, light a bright red pillar candle, anointed with ginger oil, and picture your lover. Send loving thoughts to her/him and say:

"When we meet, our arms entwine.
As we embrace, our hearts combine.
Passion holds us close together.
Come here, kiss me - now or never!"

Magick Love Charm

Go into a clearing in the woods on either a Friday or Monday night. Build a campfire. Throw a handful of coriander seeds onto the fore and say:

"O magick coriander, make him/her mad".

Sprinkle some caraway seeds onto the fire while saying:

"O magick caraway, cause his/her wandering without surcease".

Toss some mastic gum on the fire saying:

"O magick mastic, put in his/her heart despair and tears".

Now sprinkle some cumin on the fire as you speak these words:

"O magick cumin, bring him/her to me".

It is at this point that you throw verdigris (the blue green coating that forms on copper) on the fire saying:

"O magick verdigris, light the fire in his/her heart".

Now take some myrrh throw it on the fire and say:

"O magick myrrh, cause him/her a frightful night".

Finally take the straw from a cemetery broom toss it on the fire and say:

"O magick broom, bring him/her to me".

This completes the ritual and the one you desire will be driven mad with passion for you!

love spells

On Your Lover's Mind

This spell is especially effective on windy days, but you can create your own wind using a fan or your breath.

Take a handful of rue powder and stand outside.

Begin by facing north.

Blow the powdered rue toward the north while calling your lover's name.

Then turn clockwise to face east, and repeat, calling your lover's name each time.

Continue in a clockwise fashion, facing south and finally west.

The powdered rue will carry your messages on the wind and envelope your lover in thoughts of you.

This is especially powerful if you carry out the spell near his or her home.

By Chandra Beal

Pense'es de moi - A love spell

For those who have been disappointed in love. If yours is a story of always attracting the wrong person and your heart has been broken once too often, this spell is for you. It will heal the wounds of past mistakes and prepare the ground for a new beginning in your love life.

You will need:
Pansy seeds,
a small terracotta pot or window box,
earth and a small trowel,
paper with your name written on it,
some of your nail filings.

The pansy (or heart's ease) has long been the favorite of those whose hearts need healing. Eros is said to have released his arrow, and where it fell, the pretty-faced flower sprang up in bright colors. Grow yours to put sorrow behind you and prepare for a happier future.

This spell is best performed on St. Valentine's Day, May Day, Midsummer, or Lammas. Plant your seeds lovingly on one of the days mentioned, first putting the piece of paper with your name on it into the earth. Water the seeds and scatter your nail filings on top. Tend your plant with car, and when the first flower blooms, pick it on a waning moon and press it on a favorite book of poetry. Keep it with you always to attract love.

Chose a mainly yellow flower if you want an intellectual match, rich purple if you seek passion, or soft blue if you long for a love that is simple, yet true.

Red For Love

The Gypsies say that to find anything red means luck in love. If you find a piece of red thread, red wool, a red button, or whatever, pick it up and carry it with you for luck. It serves as an amulet.

As you stoop to pick it up, think of the person you love and say:

"Red is my blood
And red is my heart.
Lucky in love;
Never keep us apart."

Relationship Crystal Spell

You will need: Relationship crystal, Rose oil.

Relationship or twin crystals (two quartz crystals that have grown
together) are excellent tools to use when searching for the perfect love.

Holding the crystal in your dominant hand, program it to carry out the work, then chant over it:

"Separate stones, joined as one.
Find my mate by moon & sun.
Join us lovingly together
and let our hearts be one forever."

Dip your finger in the oil, and mark two interlocking hearts on the crystal. Carry the crystal with you until the perfect mate comes to you, then store the stone in your bedroom.

By Dorothy Morrison

Request To Find Love

This spell was given to me by a high priestess. It should be performed during the full moon.

You will need:
A pink candle
Love oil. (if you don't have love oil, Lavender oil will work just as well)
Paper (to write spell on)
Burning pot
A picture of the one you are doing the spell for.

Take the pink candle and starting at the middle, rub the love oil to the top. Then again from the middle rub the love oil to the bottom. Place the candle into a holder and light it while saying the Love request. Speak the request again while you burn the paper the spell is written on. Say it once more while you burn the picture. If you choose not to burn a picture say the spell a third time anyway. Allow the candle to burn down and out of it's own accord. The ashes are to be thrown outside to the wind to aid in carrying your message.

Love Request:
"North South East West,
Lady Venus I request,
Send my perfect love to me,
As is my will, so mote it be."

Reverse Love Spell

Get a cup full of rose petals, and a half a cup of mandrake.

Boil the roses, take out the water and put it in a vase or glass that you can cork up.

Dry the rose petals (in a Microwave is fine) and on a night where the moon wanes very close to new...

Light a large fire, cast a circle (or whatever cleansing you do), and when read pour the mandrake and dried rose over a fire.

Speak into the night:

"I call to the storms
I call to the breeze
To scourge the ground
and bend the trees

I summon Cerridwyn
Morgana and Aine
to take my love, away from me.

May he find love,
true and pure,
but with him, no longer
shall I endure

For my own good
if harming none
Ash'te Savant'
the spell is done!"

Leave an offering of some of the water for the Sidhe.

Mix ash from the fire in the rest of the water, cork and bury. Binding is a good idea. If you ever want him to return, break the spell and call him.

Revive the Love Spell

On the first night of the new moon (or anytime during the waxing moon) take a warm bath in this special love potion:

3 drops rose oil
3 drops lavender oil
3 drops patchouli
Petals of one white, one red, and one pink rose

Place candles around the bath: 1 red, 1 white, 1 pink.
Play music that soothes you turn out the lights except of the candles and soak in the bath...picture wounds mending, hurts fading...then feel the love you have...concentrate on letting that warm feeling fill you. Do this until you feel like getting out of the bath :)

Don't use this bath for anything other than a healing soak (shave your legs next time!)

If you can get your lover to join you in the bath...all the merrier ;) but if not, just concentrate on the healing feelings for you both. Next time you kiss this person think of all the warm thoughts you had in your bath...if possible play the song and have the 3 candles lit and wear the 3 oils as a scent on your skin.

Right for Me Spell

Sometimes the loves we choose for ourselves are not necessarily the right mates for us. Choosing the right person can be a difficult matter. To help yourself see the situation clearly, try this spell. You'll need a handful of apple seeds and a fire. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then hold an image of the person in question in your mind. Throw the seeds into the embers of the fire (or onto a hot and oil-free frying pan). Say: "If [your love's name] loves me, pop and fly; if not, stay still and die." Watch the seeds to determine the situation.

by Chandra Beal

Ring Of Hearts Spell

Here is a lovers' spell for two people. It should be done in a playful manner so it brings out the child in each of you as you sit on the floor and cut out paper hearts. Remember...use this only with the other persons awareness and approval !!!!

You Will Need:
Red paper
A black pen
Red thread and a needle
A small round mirror
1 red candle and 1 brown candle

Cut twelve red hearts and place them in a ring. Write your lover's name on six of the hearts, as he or she writes your name on the other six. Lay the mirror down flat, and place the hearts around it, alternating yours and your partner's. Light the candles. Red is for passion and love, and to rejuvenate sensual feelings for each other. Brown will bring love to the environment where you perform the spell. (If it is in your home, it will increase the love atmosphere there. If it is outside, it will create a good love field others will pick up on when they pass through it.)

Bend down and look into the mirror, and repeat your lover's name six times, each time picking up a heart with his or her name. Then your partner does this.

Next, sew one of your hearts to one of your lover's. Then he or she adds one to your name. Continue until they are all sewn together in one packet. Hang the packet of hearts in an appropriate room or some erotic place, such as near the fireplace, the bed, or the sauna.

by Laurie Cabot

Simple Grass Magick For Love

One way to get your man/woman to fall in love with you is to pick a blade of grass or leaf from his/her garden. Leave before sunrise, put the grass of leaf in your mouth. Turn to the east and say:

"Let the moon rising be my true loves guide."

Then turn to the west and say:

"And the moon setting find him/her at my side."

Simple Spell For Attraction

green paper
vandal root
graveyard dirt

Write your name and the intended's name on the paper, put the vandal root and graveyard dirt in the centre of the paper, wrap it up and leave it under your bed.

Another root spell similar to this one is to anoint a High John root with oil of the same. Take a piece of parchment paper inscribed with the name of the one you are trying to control. The paper is first soaked in controlling oil & dried then wrapped around the root and tied up with a purple ribbon and carried on ones person.

Soul Mate Love Spell

This ritual is intended to draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or one who is "meant" for you. It is supposedly "fail-safe", but remember, you must take responsibility for any results and consequences.

You will need:
A clear mind and focused goal
Special paper, such as hemp, cotton, real parchment, whatever you deem special
A ritual writing instrument such as quill, fountain pen, favorite ball-point, etc. in whatever color ink desired.
Moon incense
Charcoal or a small ritual fire

Timing: any time, preferably after dark during the waxing moon. The timing is more flexible with this working for many reasons; the nature of the work, and the full moon energy contained in the moon incense which is an incense of Increase or drawing.

Reinforce your personal circle/aura and prepare for workings in your usual manner. Using the ritual pen and special paper, write words of power that will call the most perfect partner to you at this time. Do not include specific names, and avoid thinking of a specific person. If you can't find quite the right words, use the following:

"If there be a perfect match,
this work tonight will surely catch.
the perfect one who is meant to be,
shall find His/Her way home to me.
In perfect love and perfect trust,
I send this out, but not from lust,
This spell will guide us to unite,
free will remains with us tonight."

When you are finished, read over what you wrote and confirm that everything you want to say is included. When you are certain it is as you wish, spend some time meditating on your goal while you light your ritual fire or the charcoal. When you get "that feeling" (the one when you know everything is right, your will is focused, you know it is certain, you know the feeling...) prepare to begin the physical aspect of the ritual. When the fire has become coals, or the charcoal is glowing happily, read aloud your writing, repeating it 3X. As you read, or as you come to the end of each repetition, sprinkle a small handful (about a Tablespoon) of the incense on the fire. You will want to be practiced at this for the best effect as well as safety, so make up a full recipe of it and accustom yourself to its nature prior to the rite.

Fold the paper and keep it near you for three days. Keep it under your pillow, mattress, or pinned to your night clothes (if you aren't sky/star clad) while you sleep. After three days, light another ritual fire, repeat the C.O.P., reading and incense procedure and this time, burn the paper when you are done. OR you can keep the paper in a special spell box if you use this method. Many Witches have special containers to keep finished workings in. These are usually decorative and personalized with engravings or painting on them that echo their contents. For example, a heart shaped heartwood box with runes and Magickal symbols of love on it for this spell. Usually only similar spells are kept together, or each spell is kept in its own box.

Spell to Attract Friends and Lovers

3 Red floating candles
Rose or other love incense
The odd red candle

This spell is done on the three nights running up to and including to middle day of the full moon and if at all possible it should be done during the planetary hour of Venus.

Start by running yourself a nice warm bath as it is running light the red non-floating candles and place them around the room. Light the incense turn the lights out and get in the bath once ready. Now light the candles and let them float around the bath.

If you are able cast a circle around the bath, this helps to keep the energy in but it will work with out it.

As the candles float around the bath watch the flames mingle together in a red haze. Feel the flames energy wash through the water and feel it enter your body.

Visualize your perfect partner/loads of friends - see yourself being really happy. As the fire's power passes into you chant:

"Flame of love burn so bright
Grant my spell I cast tonight."

Take the candles out of the water, relax in the bath and when you are ready get out and let yourself dry naturally.

Repeat two more times using the same floating candles.
And on the third night bury the floating candles in the garden and say:

"In the ground this love I sow
Allow this wondrous love to grow."

Strega Love Spell To Bring Your Lover To You

It is said that your lover will come to your home if you ask Diana to call on her daughter Aradia for aid.

Stay up all night on a Thursday, filled with desire for your lover; then, to call your beloved to you, perform this spell to Diana on Friday at dawn, when the moon is still visible and the sun is just rising:

"Good and beautiful Diana I have faithfully worshipped you; Now help me with my love! Call your daughter Aradia; And send her to fetch my love to me. Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking. Thank you, Great Fairy Queen and Fair Aradia."

Sure and Simple Love Spell

This is a simple and easy Love Spell that takes no time at all. You do not need a lot of ingredients and they will not be hard to hunt down. This spell will make you much more desirable to the opposite sex and is sure to raise your confidence.

1 pink candle
1 bottle of 100% Virgin Olive oil
Something to light the candle

Take the candle and place it on a table or your altar.Now take the olive oil and rub on to the candle starting in the middle and going up, then starting in the middle going down. While purifying the candle with the oil, you want to recharge the candle with love and desire, so visualize love and channel all your emotion into the candle.
After the oil is finished, take a knife and carve what it is you want into the candle.

EXAMPLE: I Wish For "Jane Doe" to love me

After finished writing in the candle, simply light it and concentrate on love and throw as much emotion (love) into the flame of the candle as possible, you may even want to add words if you wish. Sit and do this until the candle has burnt out. Make sure you are comfortable and won't be bothered. The more you feel sexy, the more this spell will work for you!

Once the candle has burned out, the spell is finished.

Sure and Simple Love Spell 2

This spell is simple and requires no searching for exotic ingredients. It is performed to draw people to you (friends) and enhance your sexual attraction (if you desire more than friends) In many ways, this is a confidence and self esteem spell. You can focus on a specific person during the rite in order to strengthen the bond between you or to draw that person to you. Remember the laws of return however, that which you send out will often return to you.

Do a thorough physical cleaning of your bathroom, and cover any mirrors with material (white or pink towels or sheets are nice) Then draw a bath and to the water add a small handful (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) sea salt or other available salt while saying: negativity is washed away I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay.

Light three white votive candles or place 3 floating candles in the bath tub, focus on your body, how sensual it is, how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful, this spell is just drawing out your best! Women have a strange image of what men desire, and men have an equally odd image of what women desire. This is probably our society's influences, like TV. Focus on what you like about yourself (there is something!). You may also begin to focus on that specific person if desired.

Turn off the lights and turn on your favorite music if possible, something that makes you feel reckless and sexy, or calm and at peace with yourself, depending on your taste, mood, and the desired end result you want. For example, for sex, you may want a sexy rock album, for general attraction, you may want a happy mellow song. The feeling that the music evokes in you is important.

Enter the bath and relax, make sure every part of your body is immersed in the water at least once. If you don't have a bathtub, tie the salt up in a wash cloth while saying the above words, and use it in the shower.

When you are finished (I spend about an hour and 1/2 in the bathroom and shave, shampoo, etc. beforehand) Repeat the original words above, and end it with: I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself! I am love!

I know it sounds kind of funny, but this one really works. Feel free to intuitively add what you like to this, sandalwood or rose soap, incense (for me always!), a glass of your favorite ritual beverage, bath oil... especially those made with herbal extracts or essential oils, our favorite perfume or cologne, a special bath towel purchased for this ritual only, etc. Your intuition will only serve to refine this working and enhance its effects!

Tarot Card Love Spell

This Tarot card spell requires an old Tarot deck you no longer need or a new one bought especially for this spell. You can do this spell to strengthen a love relationship or to attract a lover.

You Will Also Need:
A pink or red candle
Rose petals
A pink cloth
Photos of you and your lover

In a Magickal space, go through the deck, selecting the love cards. These are cards that suggest love, romance, desire, commitment, happiness, or any qualities to help strengthen a relationship.

Place rose petals on the first card and drip candle wax on it. While the wax is still wet, lay a second card on top, letting the wax seal them together. Sprinkle rose petals on the second card and drip wax. Then add a third card. Proceed in this matter until all the cards are stacked and sealed with rose petals between them.

Project your love outward into the universe as you stack the cards. If the cards do not stick together, pause and spend some time visualizing your lover and you, renewing your commitment. Then begin again where you left off. If the stack keeps coming apart, the you should really stop and not continue.

When the stack is completely glued together, place a photo of you and your lover, or one of each of you, on top. Wrap the stack and the photos in a pink cloth, and keep the bundle in a bureau drawer or special box. Take it out at night, beginning at a new moon, and expose the cards to moonlight every night until the moon is full or until the spell works. You will know that the spell has worked when your partner shows a renewed interest in you, sex gets better, or whatever specific love intention you did the spell for. If you are looking for a new lover, set the cards in the waxing moonlight each night until he or she appears in your life. When the spell had been accomplished, burn the cards and release the energy.

by Laurie Cabot

The Eternal Triangle

To decide between two loves.

Take 2 tulip bulbs, Scratch the suitors names in them with a pin and plant them next to each other. Remember which bulb represents which suitor. The bulb that blooms first is the one who is most deserving of you.

by Gillian Kemp

The Flowering Footprint Love Spell

I hope your lover leaves a good footprint impression in the dirt, for this love spell works on your lover through the earth upon which he or she walks. To start, one Friday evening follow your lover's footsteps without being seen. Wait until your lover is out of sight, and dig up the footprint along with the surrounding earth. Put it in a plastic bag and bring it home. Now, carve your lover's name on the side of a clay flower pot, and place the earth inside. Plant marigolds, symbolizing everlasting love, and bury a rose quartz crystal in the pot. As the golden blossoms grow and bloom and never fade, so will your sweetheart's love for you do the same. Enhance this spell by shredding a few of the marigold blossoms into your favorite salad. See your lover walking in your direction as you dine.

By Marguerite Elsbeth

The Perfect Soul mate Spell

Take a shower or bath, put on some white clothing, take a stick (or your wand) and some glitter outside where you can see the stars (the best time is a new moon). Clear your mind. Pick up the stick, dip one end into the glitter then raise the stick towards your chosen star and say:

"With these magic words
I begin my spell.
Hear me now, O mystic star,
Hear me well -
Let your magic light
Send me the love of my life.
The spell has been cast -
So be it."

Your glitter is now magically energized, and you should sprinkle some near your front door. You can even take some glitter out with you and sprinkle it here and there.

Your perfect mate should be brought to you.

The Venus Love Spell

This spell will bring true love to you, but only if the entire course of the spell is completed. Begin the spell on a Friday, Venus' day for love ceremonies, and repeat the ritual for seven consecutive night's.

You will need:
1 red cloth heart
1 red candle
1 mirror
1 white cloth
7 pins
1 scent of Venus incense stick
Ylang Ylang oil

This spell is cast sky clad (naked) in absolute privacy. After a cleansing and relaxing bath, perfume your body with the erotic oil Ylang Ylang. Choose a magick area in your bedroom, lay out the white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast a protective circle, light the red candle and incense, focus your sexual energy and chant:

"I call to thee, beloved one,
To love me more than anyone,
Seven times I pierce thy heart,
Today the magick of Venus starts.
I bind thy heart and sole to me;
As I do will so mote it be."

Repeat the chant seven times, placing pins in the heart one at a time after repeating Seven times I pierce thy heart. Blow out the ceremonial candle and incense, leaving the pins in the heart until the following night.

The Voodoo Love Spell

Puncture two garlic bulbs with a street nail (normal everyday nail). Leave the nail in to bind the two bulbs together. The top bulb represents the spell caster; the bottom bulb represents the desired partner. Hide this charm in a dark cupboard until the one you want begins to make sexual overtures. Be cautious about who you want - this charm is rumored to have an immensely powerful effect and may not be so easy to undo once cast.

The Warmth of Love Spell

Briskly rub your hands together while gazing at your crush and say this charm:

"Hands of Fire, Heart of Flame.
If he feels my heat,
He must feel the same."

Quickly look at the intended and notice if he looks at his hands or appears in any way `warmed'. If so, the rest is up to you!

To Accidentally Cross Paths Again

You can modify this with the use of a purple (controlling) helper doll and/or candles as well as some controlling oil for added *oomph*!

a deck of cards and some salt.

Remove from the deck the king, queen & five of hearts. At midnight, after a new moon, place the five of hearts over the king & queen. Take a small amount of salt and throw pinches to the four directions as you envision your intended and say:

"On the earth he/she does roam.
bring me to him/her, bring me home.
it is meant to be, he/she will come to me!
Five of hearts make him/her see!"

Leave the cards as they lay in a place they will not be disturbed. It is said that you will meet each other again by the next full moon.

(The 5 of Hearts signifies another person being interested in you or you in them. Myself, I would also include on top of the 5 of Hearts, the 9 of Hearts as this signifies your wish coming true.)

To Attract True Love

You will need:
Pink candle
Jasmine incense

Light the jasmine incense. As you do so imagine the kind of person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Note: this should not be a specific person but the things that you want in a person. Say the qualities that you want in true love out loud as you light your pink candle. Then say this as you sprinkle rosemary over the flame: These are the things I want in you A man/woman who's loving, loyal and true I ask of the spirits of all those above To send me my one and only true love

Say this as many times as needed and then extinguish the candle.

To Attract a Love

Play a CD or Tape of some romantic music that means something to you. Make sure that the music does not include songs that you associate with another person. It is important to keep specific people out of your mind performing this spell. On a sheet of cardboard, light a candle of your favorite color to represent you. Then, light a red or pink candle to represent whoever your new love may be. Using a red magic marker or crayon, draw a heart around the red candle. Every day for at least a week, relight the candles in the evening, and as soon as you light the candles, move them slightly closer together, so that on the last day, the candles are as close together as possible.

To Attract a Lover

This is when you have a lover but he or she is not as attentive as you would wish. You know they love you but...

Sit before a dying fire and gaze into it, clearing your mind of all but thoughts of your lover. Have a small basket of laurel leaves between your knees. Keeping your gaze fixed on the fire, dip your left hand into the basket, take out a handful of leaves, and toss them onto the fire. As they burst into flames, chant out loud the following:

"Laurel leaves that burn in the fire,
Draw unto me my heart's desire."

Wait until the flames have died down, then repeat the action. Do it a third time. Within 24 hours your lover will come to visit you.

To Attract the Perfect Lover

To make a pouch that beckons a perfect lover, begin by facing east. Move clockwise, cast a magic circle and call upon the powers of the four directions - in order, east, south, west, north - as you turn.

Now, place four white candles around the circle, one at each of the four directions, and position a red candle in front of you behind a chalice or crystal wine glass.

Light all the candles. Have ready a piece of plain white paper, and write down all the qualities you want in a potential lover. Prepare and ignite an incense using the herbs cardamom and clove.

Burn the paper containing your lover's qualities along with the incense, until all turns to ashes. Put the ashes in a red silk pouch, to be worn around your neck.

Kiss the pouch frequently throughout the day, remembering what you want as you do so.

Needed materials:
Jasmine Incense or Jasmine Essential Oil
Rose Quartz
2 small white votive candles
a few beeswax candles
a few drops of human pheromones
1 red candle

In you bedroom, open your curtains. If it's warm enough, open your windows and let the moonshine and breezes in.

Light some candles around your bedroom and make yourself comfortable on your bed, placing the unlit red candle on your bedside table. Hold the stones in your power hand (the one you write with). Visualize yourself in love; love, given and received, enhancing your life. At this point, put a few drops of the human pheromones behind your ear and on your wrists.

What type of partner do you want to share your days with? What type of relationship do you wish to have? Don't focus on who you want, rather what you want. Honesty, commitment, respect, love. Casting a spell to make someone love you is wrong. It isn't fair, it violates the Wiccan Rede, and it always backfires.

Visualizing yourself with love in your life is a wonderful thing. Sharing your life with someone special is something all of us have in common. Actively taking part in its manifestation helps us to be open to the possibility of such love.

Charge the three stones with the emotions you generate and your wish to attract love into your life. Set the stones around your red candle. Light your candle and let it burn all the way down. As the candle slowly burns, the energy you charged the stones with is slowly released. Give thanks and close the rite.

To Beckon a Person

Light a few candles, and sit down in a comfortable position. Clear your mind of all extraneous matters, and think of the person you wish to beckon. Then say:

"Know I move to you,
As you move to me.

As I think of you,
Think also of me.

As I call your name,
Call me to you.

Come to me in love."
(Repeat persons name three times.)

To get the full effect of this spell, repeat it a few times. When you say the persons name, be sure to have a strong picture of him/her in your mind. When you have finished, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. Extinguish the candles.

To Bless a New Relationship

Bake a fresh loaf of bread. Hold it up to the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread as well as the relationship. Break off a piece of the bread for your partner, as well as one for yourself as well. As you share time together, share the bread as well. (Do not cut the bread with a knife or any other cutting tool. Just break off the pieces with your hands. Adding butter or jam might be a good idea to help sweeten things up a bit.)

To Bring Out The Love of Another

This is an interesting spell. It does not interfere with another's free will. All it does is give them the courage to state what is on their mind. It is done when you feel very strongly that the person is in love with you but that they hesitate to say so. If it turns out that they are not in love with you after all, then it simply won't work, so that's why it doesn't exert undue pressure.

This should be done at the same hour on seven consecutive Fridays, ending on the one closest to the Full Moon (before the moon reaches full, not just after).

Take a pink candle and mark six rings around it, at equal distances apart. This will give you seven sections of a candle.

Light the candle and call out the name of the one you think loves you. Then say:

"Gana, be with me in all that I do.
Gana, please bring me a love who is true.
Give him/her the strength to put his/her feelings into word
And sing like the song of the birds."

Think about the person for a few moments - think of them coming to you and declaring their love then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned dawn to the first line. Then extinguish the candle (by pinching it out, never by blowing) and put it away till next week. On the final week, keep it up until the candle burns itself out.

To Fan a Spark into a Flame

This one will have to be done on a beach where you are able to have a small open fire. Take with you some wood for your fire, knife, sugar, bucket, and a shovel.

Go to the beach when the tide is high and lay out a circle of shells. The circle should be large enough to contain a small fire. Get your fire going. While it is burning, carve your lovers name into a piece of wood. When the fire has started to settle down, put the piece of wood with the name on it, across the middle of the fire, laying it east-west. Let the wood catch a flame and burn, but all the time it is burning look at it and imagine your lover with his or her love growing in intensity for you. Do not poke at the fire. Just allow it to burn while you concentrate. When the wood has burned half way through, sprinkle some sugar along its length and chant out your lovers name. The sugar will cause the wood to flare up again. Repeat this, sprinkling and calling 3X in all. Don't rush it. Just focus!

When the fire has finished burning and there is nothing left but hot ash, pour water over it to completely deaden it. Scoop the ash into a bucket and take it home to bury it.

To Feel Loved Spell

We all are in need of love sometimes. To tap into the flowing current of love in the universe, place a few rose quartz crystals in cold water in your bath for as long as possible. The longer they soak, the stronger the effect. Fill a pink bottle with the water and place in direct sunlight. Again, leave it as long as possible. When it is ready, light a few red, pink, or white candles, and run the bath, sprinkling in a pinch of salt as you visualize the water glowing white. Now vivify the water with seven drops of rose oil. Finally add the bottled water, and watch as it spreads bright pink light through the bath. As you get in, feel the color and warmth spreading through every inch of your body. Relax and enjoy it.

By Kala Trobe

To Find True Love

This is one of my favorite spells!!! It is performed on the first Friday after the New Moon. To perform this spell you will need the following items: two pink candles, anointing oil (I use a mixture of Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, and Ylang/Ylang oils), a piece of rose quartz, incense (such as Rose or Lavender) and nine rose buds (preferably pink or red).

Before you begin your spell, you must get into the right frame of mind. One of the best ways that I have found to do this is to take a ritual bath. This serves two purposes -- one, it relaxes you and gives you time to meditate on the spell that you are about to perform, and two, if you throw a tablespoon or two of sea salts into the water, it offers protection.

After you have taken your ritual bath, you may begin your spell. Begin by lighting an incense stick or cone. Next, take one of the pink candles and hold it in your hands. Visualize your need - your desire to find true love.

Next anoint your candle with the oil that you have chosen. This is done by placing a little of the oil on your fingertips. Grasp the candle at its midpoint with your left index finger and thumb, and use your right index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint up to the top of the candle. Next, grasp the candle at its midpoint with your right index finger and thumb, and use your left index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint down to the bottom of the candle. Continue in this fashion until the entire candle has been anointed.

While ritually anointing your candle, visualize a pure white beam of light coming up from Mother Earth, entering your body through the soles of your feet and another beam of white light coming down from the Universe and entering your body through the top of your head. Envision the energy of these beams of light flowing throughout your body and mingling together, finally concentrating in your hands, causing them to feel warm and to tingle. Now continue to stroke your candle until you feel the energy from your hands transfer to the candle. Your candle is now charged with your personal energy and Magickal intent.

Pick up the next pink candle and hold it in your hands. Visualize the man or woman that you desire (not a specific person -- just the type of person you desire). Think about the traits that you are looking for in a mate. After you have finished your visualization, anoint the candle (as above). Place the two pink candles in holders on your altar. Place the rose quartz in between the two candle holders. Encircle the two candle holders with the nine rose buds. Light the two candles and visualize yourself in a loving relationship with the perfect mate. Continue this visualization as long as possible.

Allow your candles to burn down completely. Keep one of the rose buds and your rose quartz to carry with you in your purse or pocket to reinforce your Magickal intention. Scatter the eight remaining rose buds to the four corners of the wind, as an offering. Know that the Powers of the Universe are now working on your behalf to manifest your desired result. Think no more of it. It is finished. So Mote It Be!!!

To Find Your Ideal Partner

Astrological correspondences: Friday, during the waxing or full Moon

You will need:
3 candles (red, pink, and white),
Rose oil,
A piece of rose quartz,
6 inch square of pink fabric,
A red ribbon.

Anoint the candles (rub them with oil) with a generous portion of the oil, and stand the quartz crystal in front of them. Focus gently on the flames of the candles, all the time chanting:

"Love, emotion, happiness,
These tender gifts, I now request.
Aphrodite, bounteous One,
Manifest love, with harm to none!"

In your mind, see the candles sending separate beams of light (corresponding to the candle colors) into the crystal, transforming it into a glowing beacon of love and tenderness. See the quartz glow bright red, then bright pink, then bright white, then back to red. Repeat this until the stone feels 'electric' to the touch, then see the crystal blazing with white light. Pop it into the centre of the fabric, gather the edges together to form a pouch, and tie with the ribbon - tie a triple knot, and on the third tie, say in a loud voice:

"As is my will, bring love to me!
With harm to none - so mote it be!"

Carry the pouch with you, but don't assume that the first person you meet is the spell working love mojo in your life - use your head, as well as your heart, and if the energy doesn't feel right, move on.

To Find a Lover

Every Friday night coming to completion on a full moon Friday night, throw salt on an open fire with your right hand while speaking these words:

"It is not salt I turn to fire , but the heart of the man/woman I seek. Let him have no peace of mind until he come to me".

This spell must be cast three times on each occasion. On the third occasion the wording should be altered slightly to:

"It is not the salt I turn to fire, but the heart of the man/woman I seek. He/she shall have no peace of mind until he/she come to me".

This ends the spell. The person sought usually appears within a few weeks.

To Gain Love

Best Time: Waxing Moon

The cauldron should be on your altar between 2 pink candles. Inside the cauldron itself, place a magenta candle. Light a love incense and the Pink candles. Tap the cauldron three times with your wand. Say:

"One to seek him, one to find him.
One to bring him, one to bind him.
Heart to heart, Forever one
So say I, this spell is done."

Tap the cauldron three more times. Light the magenta candle to speed the spell on its way.

To Heat up a Relationship

Create or find a charred stick. You will also need a few dried rose petals & a piece of paper.

Using the charred part of the stick as you would a pencil, draw two inter-linked hearts on paper as you visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship. Draw with power.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery, loving energies into them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts. Do this with power.

Wrap the package around the petals. Still visualizing, throw the package into a fire. (Or, light it in the flame of a red candle & throw into a heat proof container.)

As it burns, the power is released.

To Keep A Love

An old Gypsy spell stressing, like many Gypsy spells, the importance of hair. If you intend to cast it, you must do so in the wane of the moon, in the last quarter, and in secret. The intertwined hair used in this spell must never be unraveled lest the spell be broken!

You will need:
3 lengths of red cotton 6 inches in length
3 or 4 strands of your lovers' hair
An equal amount of your own hair

By the light of the waning moon place all hairs together so that they are intermingled, and tie with three lovers' knots (full bows) using the red cotton.

Place the hair in a secret place and do not allow anyone to untie the cotton or lose the hair or the spell will be broken!

To Keep a Spouse Faithful

You will need:
A few head hairs from your lover,
Rose water,
17 teaspoons of sugar,
1 teaspoon of ground ginger root,
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon,
1 teaspoon of cardamom seed.

Each ingredient has its own purpose, mix all in a small jar, tie a yellow ribbon around the jar and place under the couples bed.

The rose water and sugar are to keep the lover sweet, ginger will rekindle passion. and cinnamon and cardamom powders inspire thoughts of faithfulness and love.

To Reunite Parted Lovers

1 needle
1 White stone
Pink or Red Velvet
1 Pink Ribbon

When the moon is in the Waxing Phase, prick the tip of your left index finger with a sterilized needle, and squeeze out a bit of blood. Use the blood to write your initials on a smooth white stone as you visualize being back together with your lover. Write his/her initials next to yours, and then draw three circles of blood around both of the initials. Wrap the stone in a piece of pink or red velvet, tied with a pink ribbon and then bury it in the ground. If the spell is done correctly, you and your lover should be reunited within a period of three days and nights!

To Reverse Any Love Spell

On a night when the moon is in a waning phase, write your name and the name of your bewitched lover on the side of a white votive candle. Anoint the candle with myrrh oil, light it, and say:

"I burn this candle as a token of the spell that binds our love. Let this magick now be broken by the powers of the Gods above."

Allow the candle to burn itself out. After the leftover wax has cooled and hardened, wrap it in a piece of white silk, tie it tightly with a white ribbon, and then toss it into the sea or into a river.

To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted Lover

Some people are wooed by persistent would-be lovers, those who won't take no for an answer and who won't leave them alone. This is the ideal spell for such a situation. It should be done during the waning cycle of the Moon - that is, after the Full Moon and before the New Moon.

Have a roaring fire going, then go outside and pick up two handfuls of dry vervain leaves (you can place them on the ground ahead of time, if necessary.) As you pick them up, shout out the name of the one you wish to be rid of. Turn and go into the house (or cross to the fire if this is all done out in the open) and fling leaves onto the fire with the words:

"Here is my pain;
Take it and soar.
Depart from me now
And offend me no more."

Do this for three nights in a row. You will hear no more from the unwanted ones.

To Start a Hot Love Affair

This is an extremely potent spell, the object is to make a person burn with desire for you. After you have "kindled" the flame.. it's up to you to keep it that way.

You will need:
1 blue candle eight inches long
7 pieces of paper, each 3 inches x 1 inch
1 pen
1 kitchen knife

Write the full name of the person on each piece of paper. Fold each one lengthwise twice only, so you now have 7 pieces of paper 3 inches long x 1/4 inch wide. Cut seven equally spaced notches in the blue candle. Take one of your folded pieces of paper and light one end with a match. Light the candle with this flame and allow the paper to burn up totally in the candles flame. While you are burning the paper you must repeat, over and over, the words....

"Dani help me...Liber help me."

Allow the candle to burn down to the first notch then extinguish the flame. Repeat this process at the same time each day, for a total of seven days.

To call upon the Fairy Folk to bring love into your life

Make a stone circle in a Magickal place outdoors, preferably near a lake or running stream. Make the circle with 16 stones or rocks large enough to sit comfortably inside. Sweep the middle for a small altar. Locate the 4 directions and place the following just outside the stones:

In the south place a bowl of salt.
In the north place a pink quartz crystal.
In the east place two willow limbs.
In the west place a bowl of spring water.

In the center of the circle place an incense burner then light charcoal and burn dried flowers along with willow, oak, and birch leaves. Sprinkle mistletoe on the ground around the burner. Hold a will or ash twig in your hand and sing the following chant:

"I am a druid,
I am a witch,
Faeries bring me love.
I have a wand,
I have a switch,
Faeries bring me love."

By Laurie Cabot

Voodoo Come To Me Spell

You will need:
A new glass bowl (small),
A cup of water from a living stream or river,
Powdered hot pepper,
Powdered rosemary,
5 drops of jasmine oil,
3 drops of your own blood.

When the moon is waxing, place all items in an area outside where you won't be seen and while visualizing your goal, mix with your bare hands. Sprinkle in his/her doorsteps (or yours) and at the perimeter of their house. Do for three consecutive nights.

Willow Love Spell

Willows were always being used by witches and lovelorn maidens to secure their heart's desires by supernormal means when all other methods had been exhausted.

Take a green, pliable willow osier, and tie a firm knot in it, uttering these words as you do:

"This knot I tie,
This knot I knit,
For that true love
Whom I know not yet!"

Keep the osier hidden in a safe place until your true love turns up.

Yule Love Spell

To win a man's/woman's heart you must pluck a leaf from the mistletoe under which two lovers have kissed on Yule. If a kiss under the mistletoe has been shared between yourself and the man/woman whose heart you wish to bind to you, this is all the better for the spell! During a day and hour ruled by Venus, and when the moon is waxing or full, secretly prick the man's initials on the leaf with a new sewing needle that has been dipped in rose oil. As you do this, focus all you thoughts upon the object of your desires and visualize him as already yours. State aloud you intent and then thrice repeat the following incantation:

"Plant of magic, leaf of green,
Let him whose initials are pricked on thee
Grow in his heart a desire for me.
Empower this spell bewitch him well
With love's enchanting charm and glamour,
Until for me she/he in enamored.
By the power of Venus, so mote it be!"

Using the same needle and a length of pink thread, stitch the leaf to the inside of your brassiere/undergarment so that it rests near your heart. As long as it remains there, the man/woman whose affections you desire shall be bound to you..

by Gerina Dunwich

A Lotion Love Potion

Commercially prepared body lotions can be easily transformed into magical potions to attract love your way.

During a waxing Moon, place one level cup of any kind of lotion into a clean eight-ounce jar, and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract, three drops jasmine oil, two teaspoons grated lemon peel, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, and one or two drops of nutmeg or anise oil. Blend the lotion with your fingers while visualizing your magical goal.

Rub your clean body with the lotion before you go out to find a new romance. As you rub in the lotion say: "I prepare myself to find romance. I seek my partner in eternal dance. Love and romance, where I may be, I seek to find and draw to me.

Aphrodisia - A Passion Potion

1 pinch Rosemary
2 pinches Thyme
2 tsp. Black Tea
1 pinch Coriander
3 fresh Mint leaves (or 1/2 tsp. dried)
5 fresh Rosebud petals (or 1 tsp. dried)
5 fresh Lemon tree leaves (1 tsp. dried lemon peel)
3 pinches Nutmeg
3 pieces Orange peel


Place all ingredients into teapot. Boil three cups or so of water and add to the pot. Sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.

By Scott Cunningham

Chinese Love Potion

A traditional Chinese Love Potion consists of a handful of coriander seeds crushed and stirred into a glass of white wine while chanting the term "Warm seed, love run strong; warm heart, let us never part". The lovers are then to drink the wine, and their love is assured.

Come to Me Ointment

Anoint your body for love rituals

What you need:
beeswax base
6 drops rose otto e.o.
3 drops jasmine e.o.
1 drop ylang-ylang e.o.

beeswax base
5 drops patchouli e.o.
2 drops jasmine e.o.
3 drops sandalwood mysore e.o.

To make the beeswax base, take equal amounts of beeswax (usually 1/4 cup) and grape seed oil (again, usually 1/4 cup) and heat together. Place the oil in the top half of a double boiler and add the beeswax to it and stir until all the beeswax has melted - stir constantly. This is important as it needs to combine properly.

Once done, allow the mix to cool until it begins to thicken. This will stop the essential oils from evaporating when added to the mix. Add the essential oils one at a time, stirring constantly. Decant into an amber glass ointment jar if possible and store away from light and heat. These are not meant to last more than a few months so keep an eye on your ointment and if mould appears, discard, clean and jar (remember to boil in water to remove bits of stuff you might not see) and start a fresh!

Gypsy Love Potion

Items Needed:
1 teaspoon of dried and crushed basil
1 teaspoon of dried fennel
1 teaspoon of dried vervain
3 pinches of ground nutmeg 1/4 cup of red wine


Place all of the ingredients into a cauldron. Mix together well, and then place the cauldron over a fire. Light a pink candle which has been anointed with rose oil, and say:

"Candle light, warm and bright,
Ignite the flames of love tonight.
Let my soul mate's love
Burn strong for me.
This is my will, so mote it be!"

After the love potion boils for three minutes, remove the cauldron from the fire and allow it to cool. Strain the cooled liquid through a clean cheesecloth into a cup. Add a bit of honey to sweeten the potion, and then drink it.

The best times to prepare the Gypsy-Witch Love Potion, as with all love potions and love spells, are on Fridays, Saint Agnes's Eve (The night of January 20), Saint Valentine's Day (February 14), any night of the waxing moon, and whenever the moon is in the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus or Libra.

Love Drawing Powder

1 oz powdered sandalwood
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp sweet basil
1 tsp myrtle
1/2 dram frankincense oil
1 dram red rose oil
4 oz talc

Love Potion

You will need:
250ml sterilized glass bottle,
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary or 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary,
1 stick of cinnamon,
1 ½ cups of rose water.

Place the rosemary & cinnamon in the glass bottle, then boil the 1 & ½ cups of rose water, add the rose water to the bottle then place lid on & let sit for 1 week (best to keep this one in the sun). Once this potion is strained it can be used to anoint wrists & remember this is not to make someone love you but just to attract a lover.

Love Powder

To make a potent love powder, place some plain talc in a small bowl and leave in the moonlight before a Full Moon.

The next night, add seven drops of geranium oil, seven of ylang ylang oil, and three of patchouli oil. Again, leave in the moonlight.

On the third night add one more drop of each essence, concentrating on the enchanting and transformative power of the Moon-drenched powder. Visualize it glowing with the power to bewitch any who come into contact with it. Place the powder in tinfoil to keep it fresh, and wear or scatter a little whenever you desire to attract love.

By Kala Trobe

Magickal Allure Attraction Powder

32 parts Wood Base
16 parts Olbanum
8 parts Sandalwood
4 parts Myrrh
8 parts Cinnamon
4 parts Orris Root

Sprinkle in your shoes to bring luck, anoint green candles and use as Attraction Powder.

Always use to incite the passions of the opposite sex. Also brings all forms of good luck. It is especially good for attracting financial gain. Used to attract money, better business, good luck, love, and the better things of life. For love and gambling it is applied to the body and the hands in small amounts. It is sprinkled about a place of business. It is rubbed on charms and added to conjure bags that have a beneficial purpose.

Passion Potion for Lovers

To bring more passion into your lives, use the following potion for yourself and/or your lover. Not very tasty, but very Effective.

By the light of a red candle, bring one quart of water to a boil in your cauldron. Remove from heat and add two cups of coarsely chopped fresh parsley herb. Cover the cauldron and allow the potion to steep for an hour. Drink two cups of the passion potion at least twenty minutes before making love with your partner. Be certain this brew is very warm when you drink it.

Remember. The microwave is a perfect Magickal tool, it does after all produce heat, the element of the South.

Witches Love Honey

If you and your special someone mutually agree that you could use a little something to draw you closer to each other, then this is something that will help. Remember...use this only with the other person’s awareness and approval!!!!

1 cup honey
2 broken cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1 small piece dried ginger
1 inch piece lemon peel
1 inch piece vanilla bean
1 pinch cardamom

Empower herbs, place in a jar and add honey.
Cover tightly with lid, and shake till herbs are moistened. Place on your altar between 2 pink candles, hold a firm vision of your intent in your mind and, light the candles. Let them burn to the socket...meaning burn out. Then move honey to a dark place and store for 3 weeks.

Add small portions to food and hot beverages.

By Scott Cunningham

Aphrodisiac Bath

3 parts Rose petals
2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Thyme
1 part Myrtle
1 part Jasmine flowers
1 part Acacia flowers

Add three drops of musk oil to the tub.
Bathe before meeting a lover, (or two can share this bath!)

Aphrodite's Bath Melts

2 oz grated cocoa butter
2 oz baking soda
3 Tbsp of powdered oatmeal (optional)
1 oz citric acid
4 drops of Patchouli
4 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops sandalwood

Mix baking soda, oatmeal & citric acid together . Set aside. Melt cocoa butter in microwave or "bain-marie". Add essential oils. Add dry ingredients to melted cocoa butter. Pour in ice cube trays or soap moulds. Place in freezer for 30 minutes. Store in jars or plastic bags. Keep cool

To use, place 1-2 cubes (if using ice cube tray) to 1/2 filled tub.

Tip: Before pouring mixture into moulds, you may like to sprinkle some dried herbs at the bottom. Rosebuds, whole rosehips or rose petals can be used to decorate each melt. Color may also be used.

Aphrodite's Bath Salts

1 cup Epsom salt
2/3 cup table salt
1/3 cup baking soda
15 drops rose oil
7 drops violet oil
7 drops ylang-ylang oil
7 drops jasmine oil
5 drops orange oil
2 drops lavender oil

Aphrodite's Edible Body Oil

2 ounces glycerin
2 ounces almond oil
2 drops cinnamon essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
3/4 teaspoon beet juice

By SheelinSnowflower

Aphrodite's Sacred Milk & Flower Bath Recipe

1 liter (quart) milk
10 drops orange essential oil
6 drops ylang ylang essential oil
2 drops jasmine essential oil
4 drops neroli essential oil
4 drops sandalwood essential oil

While bath is filling, heat the milk in a saucepan (taking care not to boil it) and mix the essential oils into the warm milk.

To use: Pour the milk and oil mixture into the bath just before entering and relax for at least 20 minutes, adding hot water as needed to keep the temperature comfortable. Light a few candles and add a fresh vase of flowers to attune with Aphrodite's energy.

By SheelinSnowflower

Aura of Venus Bath Salts

For Love Spells

1 cup salt
4 drops rose oil
4 drops synthetic musk oil
8 drops jasmine oil
4 drops lavender oil
4 drops frangipani oil

By DJ Conway

Erotic Massage Oil - Arabian Nights

Coriander 3 drops
Frankincense 3 drops
Lime 2 drops
Rose 2 drops

Add to 25ml base oil.

Erotic Massage Oil - Eros

Coriander 3 drops
Ginger 1 drop
Sandalwood 6 drops

Add to 25ml base oil.

Erotic Massage Oil - Sultry Nights and Roses

Geranium 3 drops
Patchouli 2 drops
Rose 3 drops

Add to 25ml base oil.

Erotic Massage Oil - Titania

Bergamot 3 drops
Lavender 2 drops
Neroli 3 drops
Vetiver 1 drop

Add to 25ml base oil.

Erotic Massage Oil - Tonight Josephine

Bergamot 2 drops
Jasmine 4 drops
Lavender 2 drops
Petitgrain 2 drops

Add to 25ml base oil.

Erotic Massage Oil - Velvet Seduction

Rose 2 drops
Sandalwood 5 drops
Ylang Ylang 2 drops

Add to 25ml base oil.

Fire Lust Bath Salts

1 cup Epsom Salts
2/3 cup of table Salt
1/3 cup of Baking Soda
14 drops of Orange oil
14 drops of Lime oil
10 drops of Rosemary oil
8 drops of Cinnamon oil
Orange food coloring (optional)

When making Bath Salts mix the salts and baking soda together first, then add the oils, drop by drop. Blend together with your hands until thoroughly mixed. Store in an air tight container. The salts may get hard but all you have to do is add them (about ½ cup) to hot water and they will loosen up and dissolve.

by Yasmine Galenorn

Harem Body Paste

One of the most luxurious and sensual body preparations comes to us from the East where, reputedly, it was used when women in the harem were prepared for the sultan's pleasures. It removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin glowing, fragrant, and as soft as silk.

1 tsp Ground, dried citrus peel
3 tsp Ground almonds
2 tsp Oatmeal
1 pinch Clove powder
1 tsp Crushed dried rose petals
1 pinch Nutmeg
2 tbls Sweet Almond Oil
2 drops of lemon, orange, or a citrus oil
2 drops Sandalwood or Patchouli

Blend all the ingredients together until you have a paste. Add more almond oil if you feel it is needed. Have a bath, dry yourself off and, standing in the bath, roll the mixture all over your body. Massage into dry areas of the skin. The idea is to cover the skin with a very fine layer, which is why you need to roll the paste over the body. By the time you finish rolling the paste over your body, you will be able to go back to the part you started with and brush off the fine dust that is left on. Gently wipe any remaining areas of paste with a dry washcloth. Yes this recipe is a little extra work, but well worth it.

Love Bath Salts

You will need:
Rosemary Oil
Jasmine Oil
Rose Oil
Red Food Coloring

Take the salt (It can be a mixture of table salt, Epsom salt, and baking powder). Add drops of rosemary, jasmine, and rose oil until it smells the way you want it. Make sure you mix well. Once the oil are distributed evenly, add red food coloring. Mix well, until the salts are evenly colored. Add a little red color, and make it pink for a softer kind of love. Or add more red for a darker color if you're looking for a more physical love.

Love Massage Oil

1/2 cup sweet almond oil
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl; mix well. Let mixture sit, covered, for 24 hours. Strain mixture through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Bottle in airtight container.

Love Me Do Body Lotion

5 drops rose otto oil
2 drops sandalwood essential oil
1 drop patchouli oil
1 drop ylang ylang essential oil
20 carrier lotion.

Mix all ingredients together well.

Love Pomade (scented skin cream)

1 cup of freshly picked rose petals... or more
1 cup of almond oil
1/4 teaspoon myrrh gum or powdered myrrh
1 red or pink candle
2 tablespoons of cocoa butter
2 drops of rose essential oil

Warm the almond oil over a low flame with the rose petals within. Do not allow to boil, and stir constantly. As you stir, think of the attributes you desire in a long-term relationship.

Blend those wishes into your oil. Watch the roses carefully and remove them when they turn translucent. If you have lots of petals available you may repeat this step several times, removing the petals each time as they turn translucent.

Next add your myrrh (gum is best) and cocoa butter along with 4" of a 9" pink or red taper. Although if you don't want any synthetic ingredients, beeswax candles could be use instead.

When the ingredients are incorporated, remove from the flame, beating continuously with a wire whisk or fork. Add the rose essential oil, one drop at a time. Eventually the mixture will grow thick like cold cream.

Place this in a sterilized, air-tight container and apply to pulse points whenever you want to encourage a little romance in your life. This cream not only draws love to you but will condition and soften your skin as well. Other flowers and spices may be substituted for different magical goals.

Venus Warming Milk Bath

4 drops sandalwood essential oil
4 drops ginger essential oil
4 drops myrrh essential oil
1 cup of milk

By SheelinSnowflower

A Lovers' Cup for Handfasting, Sex Magick and Sexual Rituals

1 bottle red wine
juice of 1 orange
6 cloves
juice of 1 lemon
3 sticks cinnamon
brown sugar to taste

Place the wine, fruit juice and spices into a large saucepan and bring slowly to the boil, Simmer gently for 5-10 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the sugar to taste, stirring until completely dissolved. Serve warm.

by Susan Lavender and Anna Franklin

Inanna's Tonic (Love Punch)

2 Oranges studded with cloves
1 cup sugar
2 medium cinnamon sticks
6 allspice berries
juice of 1 lemon
2 bottles sweet red wine
1 bottle champagne
1 tsp chili pepper
6 whole cloves
1 inch ginger sliced
2 McIntash apples, peeled and quartered
1 tblsp almond extract
1 cup rose water
Rose water ice
Rose petals as a garnish

Bake the clove studded oranges in a 375 F oven about 35 minutes. Then cut each into 4 pieces, placing them in a sauce pan with the sugar, cinnamon, allspice, red pepper, ginger, apples and lemon juice. Add one bottle of wine and simmer until it is warm (do not over heat) and sugar is dissolved stirring occasionally.

Pour simmered wine, almond extract, and rose water into a large punch bowl and let sit 1 hour. Add second bottle of wine and stir. let sit for 1 hour. Before serving add champagne, rose water ice (looks very nice if put into one large heart shape with rose petals frozen in it or little hearts) and garnish with rose petals.

This is a nice thing to serve for weddings, also any time when you want to improve friendships and romantic feelings between people.

Love Potion #9

One night I prepared this punch for a party but told no one what was in it. By the end of the evening, one normally reserved and long-married couple was kissing passionately in a corner. A friend called me the next day and said she'd been "all over" her boyfriend on the way home; she asked what I'd put in the punch.

This recipes calls for herbal tinctures that you will find at a health food store. A tip: You will get more juice out of your oranges if you dip them in hot water before squeezing them. Serves about 20.


2 bottles of white rum
2/3 liter of dry white wine
1 cup Triple Sec
juice of 10 oranges
juice of 6 lemons
20-ounce can of pineapple chunks, drained
1 cup of sugar
2 vanilla beans, split
2 nutmegs, ground
2-ounces of muira puama tincture, preferably in a base of vegetable glycerin and alcohol 1-2 ounces of damiana tincture 2 whole oranges studded with cloves a handful of fresh or dried rose petals


Place the alcohol, juices, pineapple, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, muira puama, and damiana in a large punch bowl and stir well until sugar is dissolved.

(Never make your aphrodisiac preparations in metal pots or bowls; the minerals that leach from them may react with the plant's active ingredient.)

Carefully float the clove-studded oranges in the punch, and immediately before serving sprinkle with rose petals.

by Cynthia Mervis Watson

Love Tea

To bring love into your life, make this tea every Friday and sip slowly by the light of a pink candle while projecting your readiness for love to the universe.

Rose petals, lemon balm, jasmine flowers, with a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and coriander. Sweeten with honey.

Lovers Tea

1 part Marjoram
1 part Rosemary
1 part Lavender
2 parts Lemon
1/2 part Basil
1 part Damiana

This tea should be shared between lovers. It won't create love, but it will promote intimacy.

Passion Tea

Light three candles (red, pink and green). Bring two cups of spring water to a slow simmer, add 4 caraway seeds, 4 fennel seeds, 1 tea bag, three rose hips, five teaspoons rose water (or five rose petals which have not been chemically sprayed). While the tea steeps, concentrate on love feelings. Sitting comfortably, pour a cup of tea and drink. If you have a picture of your intended, place it where you can look at it; otherwise visualize his face. If you wish to attract someone new, ask the Universe for love.

Rosemary Love Attracting Tea

Infuse a rosemary herb. Charge it for love. You can add sugar. While drinking it, visualize yourself surrounded with love, saying:

"Magick of the rosemary, I summon Thee;
Bring the power of your love to me."

You can also pray to your God/Goddess or invoke them if you like.

Candied Love Apples

Samhain is sometimes called "Feast of the Apples" as these luscious fruits have a historical significance as food for the dead. The apple has long been a symbol of immortality, lust, and love. Perhaps the oldest apple spell consists of cutting an apple in half and sharing it with the person you wish to entice.

3 cups sugar (love)
1 cup light corn syrup (abundance and love)
1 1/2 cups water (purity)
1 1/2 teaspoons red food coloring (passion)
12 popsicle sticks
12 medium apples (love and passion)
1 cup chopped peanuts, optional (fertility)

Combine sugar, syrup, water, and food coloring in sauce pan. Cook over medium heat until the mixture looks like wet cracks (8 to 10 minutes). Turn heat to low. Stick a popsicle stick into each apple (at the stem), and dip each apple into the sauce pan. Roll in peanuts. Place apples on waxed paper to cool and harden. Hold your hands over the apples, and say:

“I conjure thee, O sweet fruit of love and immortality
To bring to those who touch or eat thee
Many blessings in love and wisdom.”

Keep your hands over the apples until your palms grow warm. Be sure you tell your guests that they are eating enchanted apples - we certainly don't want to cheat!

Italian Love Cake

1 angel food cake
1/2 cup amaretto
1 pint pistachio ice cream
1 pint strawberry ice cream
2 cups heavy cream (1 pint)
1 6-ounce package semisweet chocolate morsels

1. Using a sawing motion with a sharp serrated knife, cut the cake into three layers. Sprinkle each layer with 2 tablespoons of amaretto. Place one layer on a serving platter.

2. Cut ice cream into slices and place pistachio ice cream on bottom layer. Top with second cake layer and a layer of strawberry ice cream. Top with third cake layer. Place in freezer.

3. In a bowl, mix heavy cream and remaining amaretto, and beat until very thick. Frost the sides and top of the cake, and replace in freezer.

4. Melt chocolate on very low heat until smooth. Spread chocolate in a 1/4 inch thick layer on aluminum foil, and chill until chocolate hardens.

5. With a small cookie cutter, cut hearts out of chocolate, and place on top of cake. Freeze cake until ready to serve.

Makes one 9-inch cake, or 10 to 12 servings.

by Bertha Reppert

Love Sugar

By the light of a pink candle, fill a glass jar with fine white sugar and add one vanilla bean and either a cinnamon stick or a bit of lemon peel. As you fill the jar, gaze into it and empower it with feelings of love, friendship and acceptance. Use the sugar while baking and decorating cakes and cookies which you will share with friends and loved ones; as you bake, fill the cakes with love and joy.

Lovers' Soup

Hot summer days need something light and luscious. This lovers' soup makes a light meal for two before lovemaking or a fine dessert for simply sitting in the candle glow afterward. Start with fresh-of-the-tree peaches, for love, and peel and dice them until you have about 3/5 cups. How many peaches depends on the size, but two medium-sized peaches should about right. Add the peaches and 1/2 cup of dry white wine to a medium saucepan. Next, for fertility and garden magic, add 1/5 cups white grape juice (preferably unsweetened). Add 1 whole stick of cinnamon (no longer than your index finger) for spirituality and love, and 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for about half an hour while you and your lover enjoy a glass of white wine and a simmering discussion of how you plan to spend your evening, but no touching allowed! (yet)

After half an hour, take the saucepan off the burner. Add 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, both for love and lust. Stir twelve times. Remove the cinnamon stick from the saucepan, crumble it in your hand, and toss it into your herb garden as a blessing given back.

Using an electric blender or food processor, blend one third of the peach mixture until smooth and creamy. Repeat with the remaining thirds. Pour the mixture into a large bowl and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. (If you're in a big, big hurry, try pouring it into a large seal-able plastic bag and placing it in the freezer under careful watch.) Pour into two large soup bowls for you and your lover and serve with a green salad. You'll have about four servings left over, which can be frozen and eaten as side dishes later in the year when fresh peaches are harder to find.

Wiccan Hand fasting Cake

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup honey
5 eggs
2 cups flour
2 tablespoons grated lemon rind
2-1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon rose water
pinch of basil
6 fresh rose geranium leaves

In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar until fluffy and light. Add the honey and mix well. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually add the flour and blend thoroughly with a large wooden spoon after each addition. Stir in the lemon rind, lemon juice, rose water and a pinch of basil - the herb of love. Line the bottom of a greased nine-by-five-by-three-inch loaf pan with the rose geranium leaves and then pour in the batter. Bake the cake in a preheated 350 degree oven for one hour and fifteen minutes. Remove from oven when done and let stand on a rack for twenty minutes before unmolding. Spread icing or sprinkle sugar on top of the hand fasting Cake just before serving.

by Gerina Dunwich

Aphrodite Incense

3 parts pink rose petals
3 parts red corn poppies
3 parts myrrh resin
3 parts cedar wood
1 part cinnamon powder
10 ml. magnolia oil per 8 oz. dry ingredients

Aphrodite Incense

1 Part Cinnamon
1 Part Cedar
A few drops Cypress Oil

Burn during rituals designed to attract love.

Attraction Incense

32 parts Wood Base
16 parts Olbanum
8 parts Sandalwood
4 parts Myrrh
8 parts Cinnamon
4 parts Orris Root

A highly magnetic blend which is always used to draw only good spirits. Attracts love. Draws power, luck, love, money.

Dove's Heart Incense


Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart. Soothes love feelings.

Fairy Love Incense

2 tsp. mullein
2 tsp. ginger root
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. rosemary
2 tsp. false unicorn root
2 tsp. cinquefoil
2 tsp. thyme
2 tsp. lavender
1/4 tsp. High John oil
Small piece rose quartz
Small piece black tourmaline
Small piece tiger's eye
Small piece amethyst

Love Incense


A highly magnetic incense which is used to draw potential lovers and mates to your side. Molded into hearts with saltpeter, gum Arabic, alcohol.

Lover's Incense

Musk root powder
Musk oil

Increases a person's natural psychic magnetism. Makes you much more dynamic and sensual.

Moonfire Incense

1 Part Rose
1 Part Orris
1 part Bay
1 Part Juniper
1 part Dragon's blood
1/2 part Potassium nitrate

Burn for divination, love & harmony. The saltpeter is included to make it sparkle & glow. Don't add too much though - it'll explode!

Perfect Mate Incense

To attract the perfect mate for you at this time in your life.

3 Parts Red sandalwood
2 Parts Patchouli
1 Part Orris root
1 Part Dragon's blood
1 Part Lemongrass

True Love Incense

1 Part Cinnamon
1 Part Orris
few drops Patchouli oil

Burn for love.

Venus Incense

3 Parts Wood Aloe
1 Part Red rose petals
Few drops Olive Oil
Few drops Musk Oil
Few drops Ambergris Oil

Mix well & burn for Venusian influences, such as love, healing, partnerships & rituals involving women.

Aphrodisiac Oil Blend

2 drops rose essential oil
3 drops sandalwood essential oil
2 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
3 drops clary sage essential oil
1 ounce almond oil

Mix together and store in a dark place. Use for massage.

by Karen Stokes

Aphrodite Oil

5 Drops Cypress
2 drops Cinnamon
a small piece of dried Orris root

Add the true essential oils & the orris root to an olive oil base. Anoint your body to bring a love into your life.

Caliph's Beloved Oil


A special oil developed to incite sexual feelings and attract lovers. A popular aphrodisiac.

Come & See Me Oil

5 drops Patchouli
1 drop Cinnamon

To attract the ideal mate, mix these true essential oils in an olive oil base, smear on a white image candle of the appropriate sex and burn with visualization.

Come to Me Oil

Used to attract a lover. Use equal parts of the following;

Ecstasy of Love Oil

This oil is meant to help invoke an ecstatic state when with the one you love - especially when engaging in romantic activities.

A 10mL cobalt blue glass vial (for Inanna)
Sweet Almond Oil (base oil for Athena)
1 whole red rose bud (for Aphrodite)
1 drop Myrrh essential oil (for Demeter)
5 drops Jasmine essential oil (for Diana)
3 drops Narcissus 5% dilute oil (for narcissus)
5 drops Rose Maroc essential oil (for Aphrodite)
3 drops Sandalwood essential oil (for Venus)

This oil should be made on a Friday in the hour of Venus when no planets are retrograde.

First, place the rose bud in the vial. If you have trouble finding a rose bud, use some red rose petals. Then add the narcissus oil first, then the other oils and lastly, add the sweet almond oil to the top. Shake and let stand. To use - anoint your temples, heart and root chakra with this oil. You may also wish to use some of this in a bath which has been specially drawn for you and your love or for yourself before meeting with the one you love. You may also anoint a love attraction charm with this oil. For a more subtle scent used on your person, use aromatherapy scent pads in an aromatherapy necklace which allow slow and gentle diffusion of a scent.

This is excellent to use before rites of Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus or any love Goddess. This oil can also be burnt on charcoal as an offering to the Goddesses or place some in a dish next to a golden apple and some lapis lazuli as an offering on your altar to the Goddesses of love and sex.

It is intended to be used in the evening and you should not under any circumstances do anything involving heavy machinery or driving after using this oil on your body or in the same room being inhaled.

Test before using!! Narcissus can cause bad reactions in some people. To test, place a small amount of oil on your inner elbow for a night. If you have a reaction, do not use anywhere on your body. Do not use on sensitive or intimate areas. Do not ingest or add to food.

Fragrance of Venus Oil

For women who wish to become more attractive (absolutely magnetic) to men, wear this oil.

On a Friday night blend together Jasmine, red rose, a drop of lavender (no more!), a bit of musk, and Ylang ylang oils.

This oil should only be worn by women who are wishing to attract men.

Handfasting Oil

A hand fasting is a Witch's wedding ceremony. This oil how ever, can be used by any couple, regardless of their marital status! It is one of the few magical oils that contains a dried herb mixed in with the essences. This is often given to Witch couples on the evening of their hand fasting.

The formula:
Gardenia, for peace and harmony
Musk, for passion and courage
Jasmine, for continuing love
Rose Geranium, for protection against adversity.

Blend together (using the eyedropper, a drop at a time) until the scent seems perfect. Make up two ounces or so. Then add one pinch dried yarrow. Yarrow is used in love and marriage spells since it has the power to keep a couple together for 7 years. Seven is the number of Venus, the planet of love.

When finished, pour into twin crystal jars. One of these is given to the woman, the other to the man. Every night the couple should anoint one another, using their own jars. When seven nights have passed, the oils should be blended together, poured into one of the jars, and the other jar should be hidden in some secret place.


Love Attraction Oil

A 2 dram glass vial
Grape seed Oil - to match Narcissus dilute
1 whole red rose bud
1 drop ginger essential oil
3 drops Jasmine essential oil
10 drops Narcissus essential oil in 5% dilution in rapeseed oil 3 drops Rose Maroc essential oil

First, place the rose bud in the vial. If you have trouble, use some red rose petals. Then add the narcissus oil first, then the other oils and lastly, grape seed to the top.

To use - anoint a candle, yourself or a love attraction charm with this oil. For a more subtle scent used on your person, use aromatherapy scent pads in an aromatherapy necklace which allow slow and gentle diffusion of a scent.

Test before using!! Narcissus can cause bad reactions in some people. To test, place a small amount of oil on your inner elbow for a night. If you have a reaction, do not use anywhere on your body. Do not use on sensitive or intimate areas. Do not ingest or add to food.

Love Drawing Oil

(for women)

Use two tbsps. of any one of the following: jasmine, red rose or lavender to two oz of oil. Add a small piece of orris root to each bottle.

(for men)

Mix together two parts red rose petals to one part cinnamon. Use two tbsps. of this mixture to two oz of oil. Add a small piece of orris root to each bottle.

Love Oil

15 parts dilute Rose Otto (3 percent rose otto absolute in a jojoba oil base)
15 parts dilute Jasmine (3 percent jasmine absolute in a jojoba oil base)
2 parts Lavender Oil
Add a 1-inch piece of vanilla bean and a little sprig of Yarrow to the bottle.

Lust Oils

These oils are for you to wear and feel good about yourself, not to trap a poor innocent person into bed with you. They'll give you a sexy aura, but remember the Rede: An it harm none, do as ye will. No magick intended to attract a particular person to you please!

Make sure you use only pure essential oils for these anointing oils. Fragrant oils often contain chemicals and cannot create the energies you need to work with. Use organic or bio-dynamic carrier oils wherever possible.

To attract a woman

10mls carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Peach Kernel, Jojoba or Grape Seed 6 drops sandalwood 3 drops cinnamon 3 drops patchouli

To attract a man

10mls carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Peach Kernel, Jojoba or Grape Seed 6 drops sandalwood 3 drops ylang ylang 3 drops ginger 2 drops patchouli

Place the carrier oil in an amber or blue glass bottle, then add the essential oils. When you have placed the lid on the bottle, give it a shake to mix the oils together. The oil can be charged by placing on a clear quartz cluster, or you can add a tiny quartz crystal or amethyst crystal into the bottle. If you will be keeping the oil for a considerable time, you may add about 2-3mls of wheatgerm oil.

Peace and Love Massage Oil

3 drops Patchouli
3 drops Sandalwood
1 oz. Unscented base oil

Romance Blend

3 drops Cedarwood essential oil
3 drops Lavender essential oil
2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

Use this blend in an aromatherapy/oil burner. Be sure to light some candles and put on soft music. Inhale!

Romantic Escape Oil

1 drop orange essential oil
2 drops cedar essential oil
2 drops clary sage essential oil
2 drops pure vanilla extract (from the grocery store)
2 ounces canola oil

Mix together and store in a dark place. Use for massage.

by Judith Fitzsimmons and Paul Bousquet.

Strengthen Existing Love Oil Blend

9 drops palmarosa essential oil
7 drops ylang ylang oil
3 drops ginger essential oil
4 drops rosemary essential oil
3 drops cardamom essential oil
1 ounce jojoba oil

By SheelinSnowflower

To Attract Love Oil Blend

5 drops cardamom essential oil
15 drops palmarosa essential oil
5 drops rose essential oil
1 ounce jojoba oil

By SheelinSnowflower

To Bring A Lover Back Oil Blend

5 drops honeysuckle absolute
5 drops carnation absolute
5 drops rose essential oil
1 ounce jojoba oil

By SheelinSnowflower

To Heal A Broken Heart Oil Blend

5 drops rose essential oil
5 drops neroli essential oil
15 drops cedarwood essential oil
5 drops lavender essential oil
1 ounce jojoba oil

By SheelinSnowflower

Valentine Delight Oil

2 drops lavender
3 drops ylang ylang
3 tablespoons almond oil

Mix and use for massage.

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