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Page 4 On Your Lover's Mind This spell is especially effective on windy days, but you can create your own wind using a fan or your breath. Take a handful of rue powder and stand outside. Begin by facing north. Blow the powdered rue toward the north while calling your lover's name. Then turn clockwise to face east, and repeat, calling your lover's name each time. Continue in a clockwise fashion, facing south and finally west. The powdered rue will carry your messages on the wind and envelope your lover in thoughts of you. This is especially powerful if you carry out the spell near his or her home. By Chandra Beal Pense'es de moi - A love spell For those who have been disappointed in love. If yours is a story of always attracting the wrong person and your heart has been broken once too often, this spell is for you. It will heal the wounds of past mistakes and prepare the ground for a new beginning in your love life. You will need: Pansy seeds, a small terracotta pot or window box, earth and a small trowel, paper with your name written on it, some of your nail filings. The pansy (or heart's ease) has long been the favorite of those whose hearts need healing. Eros is said to have released his arrow, and where it fell, the pretty-faced flower sprang up in bright colors. Grow yours to put sorrow behind you and prepare for a happier future. This spell is best performed on St. Valentine's Day, May Day, Midsummer, or Lammas. Plant your seeds lovingly on one of the days mentioned, first putting the piece of paper with your name on it into the earth. Water the seeds and scatter your nail filings on top. Tend your plant with car, and when the first flower blooms, pick it on a waning moon and press it on a favorite book of poetry. Keep it with you always to attract love. Chose a mainly yellow flower if you want an intellectual match, rich purple if you seek passion, or soft blue if you long for a love that is simple, yet true. Red For Love The Gypsies say that to find anything red means luck in love. If you find a piece of red thread, red wool, a red button, or whatever, pick it up and carry it with you for luck. It serves as an amulet. As you stoop to pick it up, think of the person you love and say: "Red is my blood And red is my heart. Lucky in love; Never keep us apart." Relationship Crystal Spell You will need: Relationship crystal, Rose oil. Relationship or twin crystals (two quartz crystals that have grown together) are excellent tools to use when searching for the perfect love. Holding the crystal in your dominant hand, program it to carry out the work, then chant over it: "Separate stones, joined as one. Find my mate by moon & sun. Join us lovingly together and let our hearts be one forever." Dip your finger in the oil, and mark two interlocking hearts on the crystal. Carry the crystal with you until the perfect mate comes to you, then store the stone in your bedroom. By Dorothy Morrison Request To Find Love This spell was given to me by a high priestess. It should be performed during the full moon. You will need: A pink candle Love oil. (if you don't have love oil, Lavender oil will work just as well) Paper (to write spell on) Matches Burning pot A picture of the one you are doing the spell for. Take the pink candle and starting at the middle, rub the love oil to the top. Then again from the middle rub the love oil to the bottom. Place the candle into a holder and light it while saying the Love request. Speak the request again while you burn the paper the spell is written on. Say it once more while you burn the picture. If you choose not to burn a picture say the spell a third time anyway. Allow the candle to burn down and out of it's own accord. The ashes are to be thrown outside to the wind to aid in carrying your message. Love Request "North South East West, Lady Venus I request, Send my perfect love to me, As is my will, so mote it be." Reverse Love Spell Get a cup full of rose petals, and a half a cup of mandrake. Boil the roses, take out the water and put it in a vase or glass that you can cork up. Dry the rose petals (in a Microwave is fine) and on a night where the moon wanes very close to new... Light a large fire, cast a circle (or whatever cleansing you do), and when read pour the mandrake and dried rose over a fire. Speak into the night: "I call to the storms I call to the breeze To scourge the ground and bend the trees I summon Cerridwyn Morgana and Aine to take my love, away from me. May he find love, true and pure, but with him, no longer shall I endure For my own good if harming none Ash'te Savant' the spell is done!" Leave an offering of some of the water for the Sidhe. Mix ash from the fire in the rest of the water, cork and bury. Binding is a good idea. If you ever want him to return, break the spell and call him. Revive the Love Spell On the first night of the new moon (or anytime during the waxing moon) take a warm bath in this special love potion: 3 drops rose oil 3 drops lavender oil 3 drops patchouli Petals of one white, one red, and one pink rose Place candles around the bath: 1 red, 1 white, 1 pink. Play music that soothes you turn out the lights except of the candles and soak in the bath...picture wounds mending, hurts fading...then feel the love you have...concentrate on letting that warm feeling fill you. Do this until you feel like getting out of the bath :) Don't use this bath for anything other than a healing soak (shave your legs next time!) If you can get your lover to join you in the bath...all the merrier ;) but if not, just concentrate on the healing feelings for you both. Next time you kiss this person think of all the warm thoughts you had in your bath...if possible play the song and have the 3 candles lit and wear the 3 oils as a scent on your skin. Right for Me Spell Sometimes the loves we choose for ourselves are not necessarily the right mates for us. Choosing the right person can be a difficult matter. To help yourself see the situation clearly, try this spell. You'll need a handful of apple seeds and a fire. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then hold an image of the person in question in your mind. Throw the seeds into the embers of the fire (or onto a hot and oil-free frying pan). Say: "If [your love's name] loves me, pop and fly; if not, stay still and die." Watch the seeds to determine the situation. by Chandra Beal Ring Of Hearts Spell Here is a lovers' spell for two people. It should be done in a playful manner so it brings out the child in each of you as you sit on the floor and cut out paper hearts. Remember...use this only with the other persons awareness and approval !!!! You Will Need: Red paper A black pen Scissors Red thread and a needle A small round mirror 1 red candle and 1 brown candle Cut twelve red hearts and place them in a ring. Write your lover's name on six of the hearts, as he or she writes your name on the other six. Lay the mirror down flat, and place the hearts around it, alternating yours and your partner's. Light the candles. Red is for passion and love, and to rejuvenate sensual feelings for each other. Brown will bring love to the environment where you perform the spell. (If it is in your home, it will increase the love atmosphere there. If it is outside, it will create a good love field others will pick up on when they pass through it.) Bend down and look into the mirror, and repeat your lover's name six times, each time picking up a heart with his or her name. Then your partner does this. Next, sew one of your hearts to one of your lover's. Then he or she adds one to your name. Continue until they are all sewn together in one packet. Hang the packet of hearts in an appropriate room or some erotic place, such as near the fireplace, the bed, or the sauna. by Laurie Cabot Simple Grass Magick For Love One way to get your man/woman to fall in love with you is to pick a blade of grass or leaf from his/her garden. Leave before sunrise, put the grass of leaf in your mouth. Turn to the east and say: "Let the moon rising be my true loves guide." Then turn to the west and say: "And the moon setting find him/her at my side." Simple Spell For Attraction Needed: green paper vandal root graveyard dirt Write your name and the intended's name on the paper, put the vandal root and graveyard dirt in the centre of the paper, wrap it up and leave it under your bed. Another root spell similar to this one is to anoint a High John root with oil of the same. Take a piece of parchment paper inscribed with the name of the one you are trying to control. The paper is first soaked in controlling oil & dried then wrapped around the root and tied up with a purple ribbon and carried on ones person. Soul Mate Love Spell This ritual is intended to draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or one who is "meant" for you. It is supposedly "fail-safe", but remember, you must take responsibility for any results and consequences. You will need: A clear mind and focused goal Special paper, such as hemp, cotton, real parchment, whatever you deem special A ritual writing instrument such as quill, fountain pen, favorite ball-point, etc. in whatever color ink desired. Moon incense Charcoal or a small ritual fire Timing: any time, preferably after dark during the waxing moon. The timing is more flexible with this working for many reasons; the nature of the work, and the full moon energy contained in the moon incense which is an incense of Increase or drawing. Reinforce your personal circle/aura and prepare for workings in your usual manner. Using the ritual pen and special paper, write words of power that will call the most perfect partner to you at this time. Do not include specific names, and avoid thinking of a specific person. If you can't find quite the right words, use the following: "If there be a perfect match, this work tonight will surely catch. the perfect one who is meant to be, shall find His/Her way home to me. In perfect love and perfect trust, I send this out, but not from lust, This spell will guide us to unite, free will remains with us tonight." When you are finished, read over what you wrote and confirm that everything you want to say is included. When you are certain it is as you wish, spend some time meditating on your goal while you light your ritual fire or the charcoal. When you get "that feeling" (the one when you know everything is right, your will is focused, you know it is certain, you know the feeling...) prepare to begin the physical aspect of the ritual. When the fire has become coals, or the charcoal is glowing happily, read aloud your writing, repeating it 3X. As you read, or as you come to the end of each repetition, sprinkle a small handful (about a Tablespoon) of the incense on the fire. You will want to be practiced at this for the best effect as well as safety, so make up a full recipe of it and accustom yourself to its nature prior to the rite. Fold the paper and keep it near you for three days. Keep it under your pillow, mattress, or pinned to your night clothes (if you aren't sky/star clad) while you sleep. After three days, light another ritual fire, repeat the C.O.P., reading and incense procedure and this time, burn the paper when you are done. OR you can keep the paper in a special spell box if you use this method. Many Witches have special containers to keep finished workings in. These are usually decorative and personalized with engravings or painting on them that echo their contents. For example, a heart shaped heartwood box with runes and Magickal symbols of love on it for this spell. Usually only similar spells are kept together, or each spell is kept in its own box. Spell to Attract Friends and Lovers Tools 3 Red floating candles Rose or other love incense The odd red candle This spell is done on the three nights running up to and including to middle day of the full moon and if at all possible it should be done during the planetary hour of Venus. Start by running yourself a nice warm bath as it is running light the red non-floating candles and place them around the room. Light the incense turn the lights out and get in the bath once ready. Now light the candles and let them float around the bath. If you are able cast a circle around the bath, this helps to keep the energy in but it will work with out it. As the candles float around the bath watch the flames mingle together in a red haze. Feel the flames energy wash through the water and feel it enter your body. Visualize your perfect partner/loads of friends - see yourself being really happy. As the fire's power passes into you chant: "Flame of love burn so bright Grant my spell I cast tonight." Take the candles out of the water, relax in the bath and when you are ready get out and let yourself dry naturally. Repeat two more times using the same floating candles. And on the third night bury the floating candles in the garden and say: "In the ground this love I sow Allow this wondrous love to grow." Strega Love Spell To Bring Your Lover To You It is said that your lover will come to your home if you ask Diana to call on her daughter Aradia for aid. Stay up all night on a Thursday, filled with desire for your lover; then, to call your beloved to you, perform this spell to Diana on Friday at dawn, when the moon is still visible and the sun is just rising: "Good and beautiful Diana I have faithfully worshipped you; Now help me with my love! Call your daughter Aradia; And send her to fetch my love to me. Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking. Thank you, Great Fairy Queen and Fair Aradia." Sure and Simple Love Spell This is a simple and easy Love Spell that takes no time at all. You do not need a lot of ingredients and they will not be hard to hunt down. This spell will make you much more desirable to the opposite sex and is sure to raise your confidence. Materials: 1 pink candle 1 bottle of 100% Virgin Olive oil Something to light the candle Process: Take the candle and place it on a table or your altar.Now take the olive oil and rub on to the candle starting in the middle and going up, then starting in the middle going down. While purifying the candle with the oil, you want to recharge the candle with love and desire, so visualize love and channel all your emotion into the candle. After the oil is finished, take a knife and carve what it is you want into the candle. EXAMPLE: I Wish For "Jane Doe" to love me After finished writing in the candle, simply light it and concentrate on love and throw as much emotion (love) into the flame of the candle as possible, you may even want to add words if you wish. Sit and do this until the candle has burnt out. Make sure you are comfortable and won't be bothered. The more you feel sexy, the more this spell will work for you! Once the candle has burned out, the spell is finished. Sure and Simple Love Spell 2 This spell is simple and requires no searching for exotic ingredients. It is performed to draw people to you (friends) and enhance your sexual attraction (if you desire more than friends) In many ways, this is a confidence and self esteem spell. You can focus on a specific person during the rite in order to strengthen the bond between you or to draw that person to you. Remember the laws of return however, that which you send out will often return to you. Do a thorough physical cleaning of your bathroom, and cover any mirrors with material (white or pink towels or sheets are nice) Then draw a bath and to the water add a small handful (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) sea salt or other available salt while saying: negativity is washed away I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay. Light three white votive candles or place 3 floating candles in the bath tub, focus on your body, how sensual it is, how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful, this spell is just drawing out your best! Women have a strange image of what men desire, and men have an equally odd image of what women desire. This is probably our society's influences, like TV. Focus on what you like about yourself (there is something!). You may also begin to focus on that specific person if desired. Turn off the lights and turn on your favorite music if possible, something that makes you feel reckless and sexy, or calm and at peace with yourself, depending on your taste, mood, and the desired end result you want. For example, for sex, you may want a sexy rock album, for general attraction, you may want a happy mellow song. The feeling that the music evokes in you is important. Enter the bath and relax, make sure every part of your body is immersed in the water at least once. If you don't have a bathtub, tie the salt up in a wash cloth while saying the above words, and use it in the shower. When you are finished (I spend about an hour and 1/2 in the bathroom and shave, shampoo, etc. beforehand) Repeat the original words above, and end it with: I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself! I am love! I know it sounds kind of funny, but this one really works. Feel free to intuitively add what you like to this, sandalwood or rose soap, incense (for me always!), a glass of your favorite ritual beverage, bath oil... especially those made with herbal extracts or essential oils, our favorite perfume or cologne, a special bath towel purchased for this ritual only, etc. Your intuition will only serve to refine this working and enhance its effects! Tarot Card Love Spell This Tarot card spell requires an old Tarot deck you no longer need or a new one bought especially for this spell. You can do this spell to strengthen a love relationship or to attract a lover. You Will Also Need: A pink or red candle Rose petals A pink cloth Photos of you and your lover In a Magickal space, go through the deck, selecting the love cards. These are cards that suggest love, romance, desire, commitment, happiness, or any qualities to help strengthen a relationship. Place rose petals on the first card and drip candle wax on it. While the wax is still wet, lay a second card on top, letting the wax seal them together. Sprinkle rose petals on the second card and drip wax. Then add a third card. Proceed in this matter until all the cards are stacked and sealed with rose petals between them. Project your love outward into the universe as you stack the cards. If the cards do not stick together, pause and spend some time visualizing your lover and you, renewing your commitment. Then begin again where you left off. If the stack keeps coming apart, the you should really stop and not continue. When the stack is completely glued together, place a photo of you and your lover, or one of each of you, on top. Wrap the stack and the photos in a pink cloth, and keep the bundle in a bureau drawer or special box. Take it out at night, beginning at a new moon, and expose the cards to moonlight every night until the moon is full or until the spell works. You will know that the spell has worked when your partner shows a renewed interest in you, sex gets better, or whatever specific love intention you did the spell for. If you are looking for a new lover, set the cards in the waxing moonlight each night until he or she appears in your life. When the spell had been accomplished, burn the cards and release the energy. by Laurie Cabot The Eternal Triangle To decide between two loves. Take 2 tulip bulbs, Scratch the suitors names in them with a pin and plant them next to each other. Remember which bulb represents which suitor. The bulb that blooms first is the one who is most deserving of you. by Gillian Kemp The Flowering Footprint Love Spell I hope your lover leaves a good footprint impression in the dirt, for this love spell works on your lover through the earth upon which he or she walks. To start, one Friday evening follow your lover's footsteps without being seen. Wait until your lover is out of sight, and dig up the footprint along with the surrounding earth. Put it in a plastic bag and bring it home. Now, carve your lover's name on the side of a clay flower pot, and place the earth inside. Plant marigolds, symbolizing everlasting love, and bury a rose quartz crystal in the pot. As the golden blossoms grow and bloom and never fade, so will your sweetheart's love for you do the same. Enhance this spell by shredding a few of the marigold blossoms into your favorite salad. See your lover walking in your direction as you dine. By Marguerite Elsbeth The Perfect Soul mate Spell Take a shower or bath, put on some white clothing, take a stick (or your wand) and some glitter outside where you can see the stars (the best time is a new moon). Clear your mind. Pick up the stick, dip one end into the glitter then raise the stick towards your chosen star and say: "With these magic words I begin my spell. Hear me now, O mystic star, Hear me well - Let your magic light Send me the love of my life. The spell has been cast - So be it." Your glitter is now magically energized, and you should sprinkle some near your front door. You can even take some glitter out with you and sprinkle it here and there. Your perfect mate should be brought to you.
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